186th Balloon Sculpture, Sundae


Well after checking out more closely Nifty Balloons team, David and Shana Brenion, I came across a most glorious
balloon creation they made that I simply had to make myself or I would live in crippling sadness for the rest of my life, lol.

Link to their fabulous website= http://niftyballoons.com/

I love them, they are super retro, fun-loving and have really clean and amazing designs. These people know or have really figured out marketing and have really done a great job! They are very sharp, shiny, completely polished, cheerful and lovable!

I don’t even know why this design in particular is so engrossing to me, I don’t even really like floats or sundaes, lol.

It could be a float or a sundae, what I ended up making looks more like a sundae and theirs seems to be more like a float but that really doesn’t matter. Whatever the essence is, I feel like I got it.

I just thought that this was so much fun and happy and retro. They have tons of cool pay for tutorials and other designs for show and this is my favorite thing of theirs, why I don’t know, it just is. I will be buying much from them, you will see me reviewing their tutorials much in the future,lol. I can’t afford to do it all at once but little by little, oh yes, I will support them and their awesomeness!

I did not see a tutorial for this so I figured it out for myself. I would have happily bought a tutorial had they had one. Their tutorials are very reasonably priced too, most are $5.00 and for the more expensive ones- you get a lot of designs. Here is where you can buy their tutorials, http://www.balloon-animals.com/catalog/index.php?osCsid=49c0fa8f81f3c62f4eeaa66b0edb7275.

Below is my attempt to replicate it.

I love it, I am very happy with what I made and the most important thing is that life can go on and I don’t have to live in misery taunting myself why, oh why could I not have made anything remotely close, why does life have to be so unfair, why did they cancel Firefly and you see the whole downward spiral from here,lol.

This was a Mother’s Day gift to myself, lol.

Here is a pic of what they made that I love so much that I used as my reference. What is really funny is that I didn’t find this still photo until later and while making the replication I had to look on the website, and the website pic doesn’t stay up for long, it changes and alternates between like 3 other pictures in a set rotation,lol.


I just have to say I love her dress too, my favorite colors are orange and teal and if I was her size I would totally wear the dresses she wears and love her style!

Below are my replications. I did not have brownish rounds and so used the tops of 350’s and just used brown.

Here is the first one I made,lol.



Second One.



And third and favorite version,lol. I think the silver works better as it feels more glass like.








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  1. I just love this! I am attempting to make a ice cream balloon theme for my ladies youth group. Do you have a tutorial I can buy?

    • I can’t remember if I used 4 or 5 heart balloons. Balloon sidewall bubbles are the key- you interconnect all the hearts by sidewall bubbles.

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