184th Balloon Sculpture, Tall Princess


I recently did a birthday party and made a flower centerpiece and tall princess for the birthday girl.

I borrowed from what I learned from Andre Nolle’s bride, see top 22 favorite sculptures page, and tried a Ken Stillman inspired dress bottom.

I had 350’s to work with and did not have 646’s like the Ken Stillman approach takes and I now see that the 646’s would be better and make for a more fuller effect.

Everyone, especially the birthday girl was still very happy and excited about it so I consider it a success but something to work on and improve for craft sake,lol.

Pics below.


2013-05-03 19.34.05



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  1. Definitely gorgeous, but the dress ruins it for me. This, of course, coming from someone who is anal-retentive and whom is a huge fan of Stillman’s design. Fortunately, only one in a million would have such a criticism, it looks beautiful!!! I am up at 3 am making Balloon Bandit Babies and Nolle storks. Dang that stork is tricky. As I am more of a fan of taking balloon photography than witnessing actual in-person designs, I love seeing your pictures always.

    • Yeah- it is one of those things you don’t know until you try,lol. I will definitely use 646’s next time although I just got inspired for another dress bottom approach that I would love to try.

      I saw a balloon dress made out of rounds, nothing but rounds for the bottom that I loved that I would love to marry with the heart top. I will be experimenting for sure!

      The stork is tricky! I remember trying it and making lots of deformed bodies and having to give up and try again later. You have to really watch the tutorial carefully, I missed one detail in the tail area that made ALL the difference!

      Hope you get SOME rest before your gig,lol. 🙂

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