183rd Balloon Sculpture, Music Column Decor


I am actually posting this out of order but I can’t stand it and have to share it now,lol.

I made a couple other things before this that I will post later in sequence. I have to share this right now!

This is a Patricia Balloona Decor Design. I had it in my head that I wanted to make a musical themed balloon column with music scale connecting the two columns.

I had originally envisioned a music scale curved arch but that did not work out well so I ended up make a more straight across design.

I did not have enough black 160’s to make for the black lines and so used 260’s but next time I will use 160’s. I also need to make the music notes neater and more even.

I looked up saxophone and trumpet online for a picture and came up with the below in pics section in my search for a reference and then made my own version.

I took a pic of music from Beethoven’s 5th Symphony and replicated it as best as I could on the music scale.

It is one of the most recognized classical pieces.


I also made a centerpiece to go with the theme. I found some really cool music note balloons and used that for the main flower part.

Enough talk, now pictures!

I used this picture as reference. The below was made by balloon twister David Croft. Didn’t he do an amazing job?!

I used this below as reference for music notes on scale.


Below is what I came up with as a result. This is my practice run so next time I will make it even more polished. I had to figure everything out as I went and now I will know exactly what to do next time. I had to move my couch in order to take pics,lol. I wanted my pretty blue wall in the background,lol. Man I am soo happy I painted my living room this blue color! LOL! It was hard to take pictures too because my living room isn’t that big and I had a hard time getting far enough back,lol. I was also at a bit of an angle when taking pics so I didn’t get a perfect front shot.












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  1. Uh oh, I think you just knocked over a huge bottle of AWESOME SAUCE and spilled it all over the place and then took pictures of it. I know we did this on the phone already but I will just quickly say again that this is beautiful and I love the sax and the whole concept!

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