179nth and 180th Balloon Sculptures, Samurai Penguin and Puffle Parody.


To make the giant penguin, I adapted unicaw89’s 350 penguin design and used 646’s instead. I fashioned a samurai hat and the hat is a Patricia Balloona design. I used a picture as a reference of a cartoon picture of a Samurai Penguin.

Link to unicaw’s big penguin design that I adapted and made even bigger here= http://youtu.be/futCKeY9yLM

I came up with the Puffle Parody myself and used a picture as a reference. I took a 12 inch round and did an apple twist with it. I had a scrap tied to the nozzle so that I would have something for the hair to twist into. I took a 160 and made 5 loops, 2 small, 2 medium and one large. I twisted the loops into the scrap. One 160 should make 5 loops like this.

Everything came out really cool.

Pictures Below.


I used this picture as a reference for Samurai attire=


My Interpretation Below=








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