176th Balloon Sculpture, Huge Flower Decor


My friend Jill sent me this link=


with this picture=


I immediately thought- yes- yes I want to go to there!

There were not any instructions for this so I just figured it out on my own.

I took a pole that I used earlier for the Andre Nolle column design that I learned and painted it light green. I then took wire hangers and unwound them and painted them light green as well. I am very much for resourcefulness & using what is around the house when practicing designs,lol.

I had kind of a wirey mess and so covered it with a butterfly to hide where I had wound the wire hangers around the pole,lol. Next time I will try to buy wire that willl be easier to work with as wire hangers are no picnic.

Below is my replication and version. I guess maybe next time I will make the lower flowers smaller. I like this way a lot too though. I will try different things. I added more squiggly things too and obviously my coloring is different,lol. This was a ton of fun to make and is super amazaballs! It just makes you instantly happy to look at it, doesn’t it?

100_3458  922905_571485296207966_985343224_n




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    • Thank you for your compliment. Hmm, how to explain. I am not very good with explaining technical things,lol. I just play with things and use un-inflated 260 balloons to help tie things around and keep things secure. 🙂

  1. Very nice. I would have guessed that they stretched a balloon over the pole to change its color but painting the pole works well.

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