3 Minute Philosophy


I came across this a year ago and simply love it and decided to revisit it. In 3 minutes, this guy explains and breaks down notable philosophers philosophies very tersely yet excellently, intelligently and humorously through animation.

I love philosophy as well as balloon twisting so I thought that I would share this on my blog as it is another of my favorite things.

This one explains Epicurus and Zeno and the basics of Negative Hedonism and Stoicism. For those of you interested in Ethics, you might like this.

For those of you interested in metaphysics, the below is for you!

Heraclitus and Parmenides, Fatalism, Determinism, Libertarianism are explored in this one.

There are more on Descartes, the one about Descartes is really funny and snarky, David Hume- even snarkier, Plato, Aristotle, Galileo, John Locke, Pythagoras, Kant, and Thomas Aquinas. Now warning several have language but they are soo funny and informative. Just search for 3 Minute Philosophy on Youtube and they should come right up.


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