168th-172nd Balloon Sculpture, Master Blaster, Princess Crown, Dysfunctionally Large, Polar Bear Lounger, and Tiara Hats


The final 5 hats in Addi Somekh’s, The Inflatable Crown, are the: Master Blaster, Princess Crown, Dsyfunctionally Large, Polar Bear Lounger and Tiara.

The Tiara of course is my favorite in this series. The Butter Bunny is still my all time favorite from this book.  This has been a great exercise and man the pictures in the book and the people’s faces are just so beautiful.

You see people from all over the world wearing these crazy colorful creations.

It can’t help but warm one’s heart and celebrate in the joy of how we are all connected, the inner child in all of us is just instantly made happy by these colorful balloons. Happy smiles that transcend language, ethnicity and culture. This book is like a mission statement, a reminder of a purpose that I would like to claim for my life.

I want to be a warm fuzzy producing balloon activist. I want to carry the torch that Addi has so beautifully lit. 🙂

Below are pictures of my replications.

Master Blaster



Princess Crown



Dysfunctionally Large Hat


Polar Bear Lounger






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