162nd Balloon Sculpture, Pony Ride Inside


My head has totally exploded with happiness! I got better enough to write this but then my head will be sure to explode again when I go to my living room and play with my Pinkie Pie parody Ride Inside Balloon!

Michael Floyd has an awesome website store and blog where it seems he has teamed up with Nifty Balloons Team= David and Shana Brenion.

For $5.00 you can get a video tutorial download for this amazaballs design.

Link here=


Now I am totally a combination of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy as far as personality. I am Pinkie Pie on the outside and Fluttershy on the inside,lol.
Since the world is screwed up and there are not large 11 inch yellow heart balloons for a Fluttershy Parody, I went with a Pinkie Pie Parody version. Qualatex- you better start making all the colors of the rainbow for the 11 inch heart balloons! I must make all six ponies! And Derpy too!

Technically this only takes 5 balloons to make, but I went girly crazy and added more layers of hair and bows and I made a cutie mark with balloon stickers,lol.

Pinkie Pie has Balloons for her cutie mark, how fitting is that?!

I was very excited to make this. The tutorial is excellent and is very easy to follow. Great lighting, picture and flow. The professionalism is tru da roof! They make it fun too and have a very retro look. David shows you how to make the balloon parts and Shana shows you how to draw on the face.

Making this will make you feel like this=


Below is my replication and version,lol. Now admittedly I did everything from memory and wasn’t watching tutorial while I did it and so I have a few things just a little off but I am very pleased nonetheless. I went a little toddler and tiara happy on the pony hair,lol. But I regret nothing! I can’t wait to play and wear this myself after I finish this post!


Balloona Magic 519

Balloona Magic 524

Balloona Magic 527





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  1. Seriously, this is incredible. You can do any of the ponies from the show! What a great party idea if you can mass produce them before a party for all the girls.

    • Hell, I plan on making them for myself for my own birthday party or really any occasion, lol. If I went to Dragon Con, this will be my Halloween costume, if I get good coupons in the mail, lol.

      Seriously I am not joking!

      • I knew I was going to steal this brilliant design from you so instantaneously that my ocular vessels had not yet even registered the image before I was making Pony Party plans. Really excellent.

      • As a logophile, I really love your wordsmithing in this comment! It is vernacular spectacular 🙂

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