161st Balloon Sculpture, Patches The Bunny


Dylan Gelinas has a really cute PDF tutorial for $12.00 on his website store, http://slightlytwistedballoons.com/store.html.

I bought it and loved it. I love the new techniques I learned from this design.

The PDF tutorial is done really well and I found it to be easy to follow.

He is getting better and better at the PDF’s and he manages to add flair and comedy in here and there and makes the PDF’s entertaining as well as instructional.

I would like to see what this would look like done in grey and white and will experiment with that next time I make it.

Below are pictures of my replication.

Picture of what his looks like=


My Replication below.

I made the pink in between the eyes a little longer as I just personally like that. I did not have a lime green geo, I have yet to work with geo’s but that day will come,lol.

I used a wintergreen 350 for a makeshift base,lol.

My basket came out a little too big but this is my first go so I will adjust for next time.

I also did not have colored 5 inch rounds to make eggs so that is another thing I will have for next time. I used 12 inch rounds,lol.

You can also tell that the second ear I made came out a lot better,lol. I was getting the hang of it there.





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