Kitty Pirate Birthday Party


I was lucky to be called for a Kitty Pirate themed birthday party for a darling little girl named Dalana.

She had a swim birthday party at the YMCA.

I was actually able to take pictures,lol. Sometimes things just happen so fast and I am just too busy and or I am not organized enough so that I don’t get to take pictures,lol.

I made the birthday girl a Kitty with a Pirate Hat, a tiara, a scepter, and a pink snake and pink sword and I think one other thing,lol.

The party was wonderful. The birthday girl’s family were very hospitable and even made me a plate of food. It was delicious! They were super sweet.

There were like 20 kids at this party and man they loved the balloons! The mom said it was the hit of the party. That always makes me feel super happy. Even the adults were going gaga! That actually makes me the most excited, I love it when adults squeal over balloons,lol. Bam! I just surfaced your inner child, YES! lol.


I made Kitty’s, Pirate Hats, Swords, Snakes, Tiaras, Butterflies, and Simple Dogs.

The snakes were even a big hit with the girls and they wanted pink ones,lol.

The balloons I learned from different balloon artists and if you go through my blog balloon index page, you will come across each of them and be able to find the sources.

Below are pics from the party.

The lovely birthday girl.


The beautiful Barbara showcasing some balloons.

Just look at that cake they made!









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