158th Balloon Sculpture, Ballie Brain Protector Hat


3rd hat in Addi’s book, The Inflatable Crown- Balloon Hat Kit, the Ballie Brain Protector Hat.

I really liked making this one.

I remember watching Hell’s Kitchen one time and there was a challenge where the chefs had to make scrambled eggs. These were professional chefs and yet several of them couldn’t make a proper scrambled egg.

Watching that show made me realize that one should never scoff and skip the basics, never look down or skip the training of the fundamentals.

This also reminds me that I need to brush up on my basic math,lol. I have fogotten so much.

My husband is a math teacher and so I have great tutoring access and resources,lol.

Once again Dora makes a great model as she doesn’t mind the flash on the camera.

Here is my replication.




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