156th and 157th Balloon Sculptures, Unicorn Hat and Martian Helmet.


Julie Powell had a blog where she went through all of Julia Child’s recipes in one of Julia’s cookbooks and made everything in it one day at a time.

There was even a movie called Julie and Julia.

I started thinking hey, Addi Somekh is my greatest balloon hero of all time and one of my passions is collecting hats, as you can see below,lol.


Maybe I should do a Julie and Julia and track the steps Addi has taken with his balloon hat book.


I am hoping that if I walk a mile in his mind maybe some of his genius will rub off on me,lol.

Plus I would love to start randomly going up to people and making them hats but like I have said before, I am more of a Batman type personality and need to draw from memory and am not so good at spontaneity, I am a planner. From what I have seen of Addi, he is more of a Spiderman- great at thinking on his feet and play it by ear. And yes, Spiderman pones all other super heroes,lol. I am a Batman who really wishes he was a Spiderman or perhaps it would be better to say a Batgirl wishing she was more like Spiderman,lol.

I want to make a social difference with balloons, humanitarianism and balloons go hand in hand, it’s all about making people happy and showing that not all humans don’t care and we need color in our lives. “Life is too important to take seriously.” Oscar Wilde.

So I am going through his book and am going to replicate all his hats in it and we’ll see what it leads to as far as coming up with my own stuff.

I am hoping that after I replicate everything in the book, to start getting out there and getting myself into some humanitarian like adventures. I will share them on my blog too,lol.

Aristotle said that, ” We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then, is not an act but a habit.”

I want to get myself into the habit of making hats for people and where better to start than with the person’s  work that did it best. Addi went around the world with his friend, photographer Charlie Eckert and they made balloon hats for people and there is a tremendously awesome documentary about that called Balloonhat that every self respecting balloon artist and humanitarian should watch. If you do not watch this movie, the terrorists win,lol, or the Boss in Office Space wins.


So Yesterday I made the Unicorn Hat and today I made the Martian Helmet. These are the first 2 hats in Addi’s Balloon Hat Book.

1. Unicorn Hat

My daughter didn’t like the flash of the camera,lol.



2. Martian Hat

Dora was more chill about the flash on camera.


I thought this just looked pretty cool, this was before I completed steps for Martian Hat,lol.



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  1. Not a fan of simple hats, honestly. However, I do actually want to make all these hats along with you for hat fundamentals. Keep it up, I am excited to see what comes next! If the hats get complicated, give a hint or two pretty please in the description. Remember that sometimes hats have to contend with the wind, so just remember which designs are for inside and which are for outside! 😉

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