Tutorial Update


Man I have been making and remaking videos but I need my husband’s help. On some I leave the camera too much where you can’t see my hands the whole time as the angle isn’t good and on others the lighting sucks and you can’t really tell what is going on and or my daughter comes in and tries to take over the footage, lol.

I am going to need my husband to record it for me I think. Another thing I could do too is have a picture tutorial here on the blog for things.

I have spent 3 hours so far messing with this, lol.

Soooo frustrating!!!!

My respect for other people who have tutorials in YouTube has just exponentially increased!

Screw this, I am tired of messing with this iPod and am going to go for a picture tutorial.

This has been a good learning lesson albeit a very frustrating one.

Sorry guys. 😦

Looks like tomorrow will be picture tutorial day. At least now I know which direction to go and what is doable for me and what isn’t.


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  1. When I was doing a video for a kick starter project, I found that I had trouble getting myself framed right in the camera. So I grabbed a mirror – a long one that was hangin on the back of the bathroom door – and I propped it up behind the camera so I could see what was getting filmed (it was reflecting the image from the camera).

    The other thing is lighting. I just used regular home lighting, but if you want to be really cool you need high powered lights to form a three point system. You can go to Home Depot and get cheap construction lights for this. You need to rig one up to be directly over your head, then set the other two on an angle facing you (kinda like they’re pointing directly at your cheeks). The trick is that one of them needs to be farther back so that it’s only lighting you with about 50% the strength of the main light. Pro setups use dimmers, but on a budget you can just pull the light back.

    If you do this, voila, you’ve got a pro light setup for under $20 πŸ™‚

    The next thing to worry about is sound, but that gets a little harder to do guerrilla style πŸ˜›

  2. I will like pic tutorials, but I sure hope you make video tutorials eventually. I feel like you played an April Fools joke on me ha ha. I sure hope you are doing Yoda!!!

    • Dude, I really did not intend on things turning out the way they did. I feel so horrible! As a melancholy sanguine I am an expert at beating myself up!

      Yes, I am working on the Yoda tutorial first. I have a bunch of heads lying around the house, lol.

      I have the digital camera ready and am just about to start taking pictures as we speak!

      If I do video tutorials I need to get my husband to help me and he is just swamped with work right now so this is the only solution I could think of for the moment.

      I also need to work with him before my little one is awake because my little one is a camera hog! She’s my kosher ham!

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