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178th Balloon Sculpture, Owl Version 2


Arteglobos on Youtube has a really cute and pretty quick owl design that just I love love love!

I like making my owls really fat for some reason and I stray from her design in that I use 260’s rather than 160’s. Polka dot rounds are fabulous to use with this design! I also like have the beak vertical rather than horizontal.

Here is a link to her tutorial=

Below are pics of my replications.



2013-04-29 09.41.49

Arianna is dumbfounded by its cuteness,lol.

2013-04-27 10.34.45



176th Balloon Sculpture, Huge Flower Decor


My friend Jill sent me this link=

with this picture=


I immediately thought- yes- yes I want to go to there!

There were not any instructions for this so I just figured it out on my own.

I took a pole that I used earlier for the Andre Nolle column design that I learned and painted it light green. I then took wire hangers and unwound them and painted them light green as well. I am very much for resourcefulness & using what is around the house when practicing designs,lol.

I had kind of a wirey mess and so covered it with a butterfly to hide where I had wound the wire hangers around the pole,lol. Next time I will try to buy wire that willl be easier to work with as wire hangers are no picnic.

Below is my replication and version. I guess maybe next time I will make the lower flowers smaller. I like this way a lot too though. I will try different things. I added more squiggly things too and obviously my coloring is different,lol. This was a ton of fun to make and is super amazaballs! It just makes you instantly happy to look at it, doesn’t it?

100_3458  922905_571485296207966_985343224_n



175th Balloon Sculpture, Lion


Chitwister has a really cool and pretty fast lion design.

Link to his tutorial here=

Pictures of my replications and alterations below. My version is the one with the bubbles and orange tail. Different people like different lions best. It is so intersting to see what people like,lol.








174th Balloon Sculpture, Cinnamon Raisin Bun Pony Ride Inside


Ah yes, the Pony Ride Inside balloon, nothing more awesome than this my friends!

Where my Bronies at?!

I have already made a Pinkie Pie Parody version of this, post to be found here= I decided to make a red version and share how it looked. I named this new one, Cinnamon Raisin Bun.

Michael Floyd has an awesome website store and blog where it seems he has teamed up with Nifty Balloons Team= David and Shana Brenion.

For $5.00 you can get a video tutorial download for this amazaballs design.

Link here=

The tutorial is excellent and is very easy to follow. Great lighting, picture and flow. The professionalism is tru da roof! They make it fun too and have a very retro look. David shows you how to make the balloon parts and Shana shows you how to draw on the face.

Here is another of my replications with added bubbles for hair.

My daughter Natalie modeling it,lol.




173rd Balloon Sculpture, Slash Parody


Andre Nolle is amazing as always and makes just about the best balloon tutorials around. His designs are some of the most amazing that you will see on YouTube.

His pacing is very considerate for a learning audience and his production quality is pretty high.

You won’t find a more methodical and precise balloon sculptor either,lol.
This guy should be building everyone’s bridges, he is a born engineer!

He has a great Slash Parody that he has labeled Balloon Rockstar Music star hero and the link to his tutorial is here=

It is a 1 hr and 13 and a half minutes but it is so worth it! I am actually very grateful that Andre is willing to put out longer tutorials. I wish Felix Yoldi would have done the same. They are worth it to me and I know I am not alone. And because it is on the internet, you can take a break and just do parts at a time. That is what I did- I made the head and torso one day and the rest the next day.

I really loved learning the hand design and he has some very interesting torso and leg attachment ideas and instructions.

I replicated this while watching my ipod and wish that I had watched from my compter as my little tiny screen made it a bit harder to figure for measurements.

Below are pictures of my replication. I messed with placement of guitar and tweaked the guitar as well so there is not perfect continuity in my pics. I don’t know if this will be universal, but I spent a ton of time getting his hair perfectly in place,lol.









3 Minute Philosophy


I came across this a year ago and simply love it and decided to revisit it. In 3 minutes, this guy explains and breaks down notable philosophers philosophies very tersely yet excellently, intelligently and humorously through animation.

I love philosophy as well as balloon twisting so I thought that I would share this on my blog as it is another of my favorite things.

This one explains Epicurus and Zeno and the basics of Negative Hedonism and Stoicism. For those of you interested in Ethics, you might like this.

For those of you interested in metaphysics, the below is for you!

Heraclitus and Parmenides, Fatalism, Determinism, Libertarianism are explored in this one.

There are more on Descartes, the one about Descartes is really funny and snarky, David Hume- even snarkier, Plato, Aristotle, Galileo, John Locke, Pythagoras, Kant, and Thomas Aquinas. Now warning several have language but they are soo funny and informative. Just search for 3 Minute Philosophy on Youtube and they should come right up.