Kismet and Eudaimonia, How I got into Balloon Twisting


Balloon twisting really saved my spirits and has been such a blessing to my life. It has become my Eudaimonia, my source of flow, my happiness and or well being activity.

Last summer my family and I went through what we call Armageddon, lol. Things happened right after one another and the string of bad luck was the kind of thing that proved that truth can be stranger than fiction. It was devastating.

It really felt like the universe was out to get us and we really pissed it off!

I remember one day washing my pink Care Bear Laplander hat and as I got it out of the dryer and saw it so undisturbed from the horrors that befell us and the happy face on it so in tact , I had a Batman moment.

You know when Bruce Wayne was a kid and after his parents died, he fell into that cave and saw the bats flying out and it became a symbol of his identity, so with me and the Care Bear hat, lol.

I realized that no matter what happens to me in life, that I am still going to be smiley and disgustingly colorful and joyful, lol. My purpose in life is to be a Care Bear. That is my psycho social function in the world community.

After I had solidified this sense of identity and purpose, I saw my little one watching Color Inspirations on Netflix.

There was a man making an awesome huge balloon lion on that program. I had never before seen something so complex made out of balloons. His area was filled with an awesome balloon background with trees taller than him and a sun and other things.

Bobby’s Balloon House is the name of the segment,

I just knew I needed to try it and it just fit my life purpose and identity so perfectly. Balloons just make people happy and it transcends culture, language, financial status, age, etc. It is a connecting phenomenon because it instantly brings out the inner child and makes one smile.

I was also mentally ready to deal with the almost Buddhist like appreciation for temporariness that is necessary when becoming a balloon twister, as you spend all those hours on making wonderful things, just for them to be popped later. Much like the monks in Tibet who make beautiful mandalas out of sand, just to be blown away.

The hell I went through was an emersive lesson in letting things go and being more detached and because of that emersion I could deal with balloon twisting. I really don’t know if I could have been so open to it otherwise.

I made the simple dog on Sept 27th of 2012 and fell completely in love with it.

It felt so natural and it was one of those moments in life where you saw the clouds part, the beam of sunlight shine down on you and you could hear an angelic chorus singing, lol. It was kismet!

I continued to make something new almost every and will do so for the rest if my life. I even started a blog about this balloon twisting journey.

People have reacted so strongly to things I have made and the thing about having a Pinkie Pie or Care Bear personality is that it doesn’t exactly engender respect. People respect craftsmanship though and so I have been able to be myself in such a way that is not looked down upon, I have skill and talent and some specialized competence. People respect that even if they may find my personailty to be a bit foolish and juvenile.  I am not a sophisticated adult, I don’t even really qualify as an adult save for my age number!

I am a homemaker and I never went to college. I actually never even had any high school education, which I really wish I had. I have never had any formal art training. This is an art where I am finding my voice and myself in a lot of ways.

I guess I owe my Balloon Twisting path to this guy,lol. Thanks Bobby!

If you would like to share your story feel free to post it in a comment below. I would love to hear from others and I encourage sharing 🙂 Tis the Care Bear Way!




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  1. I started balloon twisting about five months ago. I was shocked at how quickly it grabbed my heart. I think that the colors and whimsy are such a stark contrast to the stress and tension of my “normal” life that it was like breathing mountain air after being trapped in a polluted city. I love your designs. They are so far above my skills that I don’t even dare aspire to those heights. But I sure enjoy the view! Hugs and blessings to you and those you love!

    • Wow, thank you so much! This life does need as much color and vibrancy as we can muster! I am so happy you have found a love of balloon art! We all have a voice to share and discover with our art. 🙂 Hugs and blessings to you!

  2. Ah, I liked reading this more carefully. I was pondering the same problem of balloon art being temporary. An origami artist, by comparison, has a permanent piece of art, whereas balloons dissipate and die. My dad told me to think about a chef. They spend all this time on a beautiful plate of food, and it gets gobbled up! Also, any performance artist whether it be a dancer or ventriloquist or singer or comedian all have a temporary art form. That is, unless, it is photographed or recorded. I have a huge portfolio photo album where I have balloon art photography of hundreds of designs from over the last 6 months, so this is how I contend with the temporary nature of what I do. The pictures are forever, however balloons have taught me to “live in the moment”.

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