Adventures in Learning How to Edit on Youtube


So, I needed practice editing videos on YouTube and thought this could be a helpful skill to learn especially if I want to make tutorial videos.

I found this how to edit video, video after finding others that I did not like,lol. It helped me a lot personally. I would not have even been able to practice at all without it,lol.

So my personal go at it. Warning- this is very silly, if you do not have a hyperactive sense of humor and are offended at silly things do not watch clip below and move on,lol.

I decided to use footage from my husband and our close friend, Michael, playing a Princess memory game and edit it. I condensed 19 minutes of footage down to 4 minutes and 15 seconds.

Yes that’s right! Two Men, One Princess Game, In the Name of Science! You will see it said that it is a hard game,lol. Appropriately made for children 3 years of age? You decide,lol.

This video can also help you understand and get a feel for the milieu that is my household. You may hear me laughing a little bit, lol.

As you will see I still need practice for transitioning and I want to learn how to put in captions and writing as Happy Cabby so skillfully does with his YouTube videos. I also need to make sure I record holding the Ipod differently,lol. This has been hilarious practice,lol.

Here is what this video is about.

Michael Torres wants to scientifically test if his memory has improved by playing my 4 year old daughter’s, Princess Memory Game. John Gordon humors this endeavor and their respective memories go head to head. Witness the intensity and the drama that can ensue when one attempts to play a seemingly harmless children’s game.

On a side note, when I was talking about the bias we just learned that day in the video as I was making fun, I was talking about the Self Serving Bias, which is a psychological phenom where people naturally think they are terrific and because they are terrific the good things that happen to them are due to their terrific-ness; the bad things are due to accident and misfortune. If you made an A on your college paper it is because you are smart, if you made an F it is because the professor is too hard on you or the situation was against you. I made an A, He/She gave me an F. It is related to the Lake Wobegon Effect where people see themselves as above average. People often see themselves as above average drivers, or kissers, etc. It stems from the motivation to feel good about yourself.
We all three learned this from watching a Paul Bloom psychology lecture earlier that day.

If you have any advice on video editing or have any feedback, feel free to share in a comment below. 🙂


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  1. OMG PATRICIA I was just having a conversation with somebody about the idea that practically everyone feels that they are above average and how it pertained to me going through my whole life step by step and attempting to identify the areas I am actually above average in and the areas where perhaps I was only tricking myself into thinking I was above average in. It made me reevaluate my whole life, and get intensely honest about who I was. This led me and is continuing to lead me into understanding that I may not be as good as I thought I was at some things, but it also helped me realize how good I actually was at the things that mattered most to me. It is unbelievable to me that I had never even thought about this until very recently and here you are actually explaining the phenomenon on your balloon art website right when the idea was on my mind LOL. That is so cool that you had this information I really wanted. On a side note, I liked your video but I just felt like you weren’t enjoying yourself. Try laughing a little next time. 😉

    • Oh man that is sooooo cool!
      I love it when things are codified and there is a terminology that helps me file things in my brain. I am seeing that you do too! Paul Bloom is amazing and you can watch all of his psychology lectures on YouTube. He is a professor from Yale, just put in Paul Bloom Psychology lectures, there should be 20 something total.

      The thing that jumped out at me the most was the Pratfall Effect. That is where if you are seen as competent and then make a big slip, it actually increases your likability. If you are seen as incompetent and you make a slip, it just makes you seem even worse. I would be so frustrated that my husband and I would do or say the exact same thing, and if he did or said it- it was no big deal and people would laugh. Basically we are both super silly and have hyperactive sense of humors but for John my husband it was seen as endearing where as for me it was stupid.

      People see me as incompetent and my husband being a mathematician with a master’s in math and oh my gosh if you hear him talk about anything it is like being with an Ancient Greek scholar, lol, they see him as incredibly competent. Just the fact that he is so accomplished in math wows people. He instantly has respect status.

      Me not so much. Just like Pinkie Pie, people look down on me and I just lose points, lol. I am very open with my goofiness and now I realize to go for more showing of competence when first meeting people, lol. Or at least try, lol.

      The balloons have really helped. People treat me so differently now and it is because I have some wowing competence, lol.

      It is just nice to know that there is a termed phenomenon and that it wasn’t just all in my head. There really was a reason why I became less likable and John became more likable.

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