150th Balloon Sculpture, Simple Cat


Well boys and girls, after almost 6 months of balloon twisting now, I finally learned the one balloon cat, lol.

I just slightly altered Michael Floyd’s approach, the only difference being I make a pinch twist for mouth and two bubbles twisted together for muzzle.

Here is a link to his cat tutorial=
= http://youtu.be/yhjpJhyA80s

Yes, I could not face further embarrassment from the fact that I could make a balloon Dalek costume and figure it out all by myself, but I kid you not I would freeze and go blank if someone asked for a simple cat balloon, lol. I am also not an on the spot person. I need to be by myself when trying something new and I just freeze if I haven’t done something before and I am called all of a sudden to do it, I must have a memory from which to draw.

I am like Batman. Batman prepares and thinks about every possible contingency. He needs all that time to brood by himself to do that. Spider-Man is more of a think on his feet and no plans going jnto anything kind of person. He excels at playing it by ear.

Now Batman got in trouble with the Justice League because it had been found out that he had a plan prepared for how to subdue every JL member for you know, just in case. And he could totally do it too. So being a planner is nothing to sneeze at, lol.

I am so out of practice and just not experienced really at all at the really basic stuff, lol, which is the one balloon stuff.

So it looks like getting back to basics is in store for me, lol.

Below are pics of my little one balloon cat, lol,

I must away to my cave and brood and try for every possible twisting scenario, lol.





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  2. This is my strength ha ha. I do mostly line work, so I am getting better and better at it. This is where the definitive money is for me, as I am only more recently getting into the balloon decorating aspect. We just did a grand opening decorating for Subway! Pounding those fundamentals in can be taxing on one’s patience, but just practicing the same design over and over is so worthwhile for jobs.

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