148th and 149nth Balloon Sculptures, Big Bunny and Heart Butterfly


Well, we all know that Easter is approaching and so how could any self respecting balloon artist not make a huge Easter Bunny balloon sculpture, right?

I want to do further experimentation but so far I tried out Andre Nolle’s huge bunny design and man do I hate 646’s but it was worth the outcome, lol.

His design actually calls for 660’s I believe but I didn’t even know those existed!

Be forewarned, swearing may be involved when you try to replicate his design, lol, by you that is. It is just because twisting these balloons are a huge pain. Andre does an excellent job instructing as always. He makes it look so easy. I have a naturally weak grip so working with balloons of this size are extra hard for me.

I strayed from Andre’s design In that I did not make the bunny hands and I did not bother with the white 5 inch round.

Link to to Andre’s tutorial

Here= http://youtu.be/-8NhSQpg3zQ

I did not have pastel colored 646’s but I did have left over purple violet from the balloon Dalek costume I made. The Dalek can be found on my 123rd balloon sculpture post.

Now the butterfly design I saw on the wedding episode of the Unpoppables, look on Addi’s wedding cake, and although they don’t show you how to make it, it is super easy.

Just take 4 six inch heart balloons and blow two of them bigger than the other two, tie them two together and then twist in together and then put a 260 over the ties. Make a pinch twist at the top, go over ties in front, go over ties in back and connect to pinch twist and make another pinch twist. Then put some antennae on, making the coolest looking butterfly ever!

Here are pics of my replications together, along with a Holly Hoppper style chick and an Addi Somekh style flower.





(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.) 🙂


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  1. Ha ha Love Bunny’s anime eyes. Big wet and shiny with light shining in them. You know what, that butterfly is adorable. I think I’ll sit and make her now.

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