147th Balloon Sculpture, Dylan Gelinas’s, Bartleby the Leprechaun


My review of Dylan Gelinas’s, Bartleby the Leprechaun.

Well Dylan Gelinas is a very talented balloon twister. He has a lot of personality as well as great skill which makes his YouTube tutorials so much fun to watch. I have replicated many of his designs and reviewed them here on my blog.

I often compare him to Topher Grace’s character from That 70’s Show,lol.

Dylan was kind enough to send me his Bartleby the Leprechaun pdf tutorial as a thank you for the good press I have been giving him on my blog and I offered to review it and also requested to do an interview with him, which I will post as part 2 of this post, to come tomorrow.

I was very taken back by the idea of a pdf and was very skeptical of how that would work, especially on something that seemed so multi-faceted as this design.

When I opened the file up I was very impressed with what I found.

Great pictures, great background and coloring as well, and very good written instructions.

I recommend reading it over a few times before replicating it.

My only issues with the pdf tutorial were: the hand holding the beer I thought could perhaps be explained better and it took me a few tries before I understood what was going on there, and I felt that one of the techniques used could be explained better as it seemed he assumes you know what a side wall bubble is when you replicate this design.

I had to stop the pdf and look up side wall bubble online. Perhaps a link or a picture how-to of a sidewall would be a good addition to make on the pdf.

The side wall bubble is when you put a very small bubble onto the side of a balloon. And yes, you will be asked to do this on a 260!

Picture of what I am talking about below.


I do not think it would be giving too much away to say that making a sidewall bubble is freaking hard on a 260,lol. I had never even heard of such a thing. (If you find the sidewall bubble to be too much of a pain, consider putting a raisin inside the balloon and twisting that and then tieing it off.) I actually ended up doing that but I realized that I should have used a larger raisin or balloon end of a bigger balloon, like say a 12 inch round balloon nozzle. I think the bigger the balloon end you use, the bigger your “bubble” will be and that will make for a better result.

What I really enjoy about Dylan’s tutorial is that he does introduce many techniques that I have never before seen and done.

I found the hands to be especially fun to replicate and the face techniques are going to open up all kinds of possibilities for me.

I did not have all the balloons necessary to replicate his design so I made adjustments and used substitutions, for example, the hat and the pot I improvised.

My replication came out larger than his as I don’t know what inches are really,lol. Give me an inch and I will take a mile,lol. I actually really like my leprechaun’s face a lot because he looks sweet and kind. I also just really liked him looking up for some reason,lol.

I strayed from his design in that I added buttons and I did lapel differently,lol. Of course my hat is completely different as well due to lack of materials. I had to use silver balloons instead of clear for the bear mug. My bottom pot I think doesn’t look like I strayed that much. I don’t think it is giving too much away to say that I did not have a black geo and substituted a black 646 balloon instead.

All in all I think this is a very excellent tutorial. He did an overall great job communicating in written form and the pictures are bright, clear and extremely helpful and informative.

Here is a link to his website where you may purchase it. He has it reasonably priced for $8.oo. He also has a promotional deal going on where if you sign up to his newsletter, you can get a free pdf tutorial for his really cute Hiccup the Duck. He also has an amazing Mickey Mouse design for $15.00 dollars.





Thank you so much Dylan! I know many like me really appreciate your talent and skill and are especially thankful that we have access to your genius!

Pictures below of my replication and the fun it brought to Earthfare, its new home. Earthfare is a super healthy grocery store. They don’t have anything in their store that has really bad and unhealthy oils or additives or ingredients like corn syrup for example.
My B.F.F. Lisa Reynolds is featured in the pictures below as well.


2013-03-14 15.29.11

2013-03-14 15.29.06

2013-03-14 15.32.15


2013-03-14 15.32.32

(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.) 🙂


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