145th Balloon Sculpture and Interview Part 1, Andre Nolle’s Bride


Andre Nolle is amazing. His engineering like approach to things impresses me so much that I think he should be building our bridges and no doubt he could do it with balloons to boot!

Andre was kind enough to send me his Balloon Bride Tutorial, you may have seen his YouTube commercials for it, if not here it is.

It is so lovely and just simply stunning! And this thing is huge! Let me tell you, it is taller than my husband!

The quality of his tutorial is wonderful, great lighting, great background, he is ever perfectly paced as always as he is very considerate of his learning audience, he has great still shots, and he even has English subtitles. He also got gussied up and is wearing a nice suit and looks very handsome.

Andre’s bride is very doable, I found it to be very easy to follow. You are going to want to follow his measurements. I did not have a proper compass, I bought one from the Dollar Tree and so it did not work well so I used two cracker boxes and measuring tape with which to get my balloon measurements.

He cuts his measurements out making holes in boxes and you put your balloon in the hole to see if it is correctly sized. I want to make that tool next time with a proper compass.

My only issue with his design are the breasts. Perhaps because I am prudish,lol. It was just a little too, hello meet my girlfriends, for me,lol. You can see that I made my bouquet to help cover her up some,lol. It is something that you can easily alter if your taste is like mine.

I altered it a little bit but my only real strays from his design are my flowers and chest/breast area,lol.

I am very impressed with his tutorial and give it two big thumbs up! It is simply stunning! Andre is a great instructor and he did a great job with this tutorial.

You can purchase it here on his website= it is available through download and mp3.


Be sure to check out PART 2 of this post to see my interview with Andre via email. He is German residing in Germany and so I used google translate and also had help from my German/American friend Kathleen Willis for translation polishing. He is a very lovable person and he has a beautiful wife and two lovely daughters, if you love him like me- you will love him even more when you see his family pics and see the interview. When spending so much time watching these YouTube videos of people’s tutorials, you feel like they are kind of like your friends after a while and you can’t help but want to meet them and talk to them,lol.

Andre, thank you so much for your tutorials and I know many people like me really appreciate your work and are ever stunned and delighted by your talent and creativity. ๐Ÿ™‚

Below are pictures of my replication and her new home.

My replication of bride without chest modification=




Picture of my replication with chest modification=


I didn’t want her fate to just be popped, so I took her to Prado here in Chattanooga, they sell and specialize in bridal and formal wear. The owner Chet Prado was very excited when I gave it to him and he even displayed her in the front window of his store. I am so happy that she has a happy home befitting of her loveliness. ๐Ÿ™‚

2013-03-09 16.55.05



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