Balloon for Wide Open Floor


I have performed stand up comedy before at Wide Open Floor and love the venue. I asked if they would be interested in having a balloon creation at just for cost as I wanted to do something fun for more exposure and I just love everyone there.

Wide Open Floor is an artsy fartsy open mic like event that takes place the first Friday of every month at the Barking Legs Theatre here in Chattanooga. They have every kind of artist perform, singers, storytellers, dancers, etc.

Here is the Wide Open Floor Facebook page, they loved the heart so much that they made it their profile picture!!/pages/Wide-Open-Floor-at-Barking-Legs/198666190167205

I made a giant balloon heart for them with Wide Open Floor in balloon letters on it. I made it on Friday March 1st.

They wanted the heart to be yellow and for the letters to be blue.

I still need to work on perfectly spacing letters on it but it came out really pretty and everyone loved it so yea!!!

I want to perform stand up comedy there again and will post footage later.

Here is the balloon heart I made.






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