Balloon Dalek Costume for Con Nooga


Well, Friday day and night I make the giant heart balloon for Wide Open Floor, then I meet up with Patrick and measure him for the Balloon Dalek Costume.

I get to bed at midnight and wake up at 2 a.m.

I should have measured Patrick earlier and that was my fault. I had planned on making the giant heart earlier and therefore meeting up with Patrick earlier but my husband ended up needing to go the doctor Friday morning and that threw things off. My husband is okay now. 🙂

So any who, I get up at 2 a.m. and start on costume. I thought that making the second Dalek would be easier but in fact it was harder because Patrick is like over 6 ft tall and has wider shoulders than me and my husband so I couldn’t just put it on me as I go and trust the progression.

To add more difficulty, I had to make it be two separate pieces to be joined together later. That has an impact on flow of the design and made measuring and proportion control even more essential.

I was not as in the zone as my prototype, perhaps because I didn’t have any sleep, lol. Totally my fault.

It did not come out as clean as I would have liked and making it so much larger made the flow weirder but all in all I was happy because Patrick and Jessi were excited and ecstatic about it as were tons of people at the Con Nooga convention.

The thing that really made me happy about it was that I got the measurements perfectly as far as eye level and making sure he could kneel in it and be a comfortable fit.

It took me like 10 hours to make it. I had to rush it to the Con and barely had time to shower as I had to meet up with Jessi and Patrick and deliver it to them and enter the Costume Contest in time.

I didn’t have time for makeup or even brushing my hair, Lol. I did make sure to put my little one in her Cinderella costume that my sister-in-law gave her.

I had to fit my 4-year-old and the two huge sections of the costume in the car and pray emphatically that nothing would pop.

Let me just say, this thing weathered being snowed on and walked around a lot outside in cold weather, going on and off a shuttle bus twice, going through narrow doors and being worn by a toddler, lol. I can say that the structural integrity was quite sound, Lol.

Now there were pops with the very bottom layer here and there as the little one stepped on it and the K-9 costume had a sharp tail that would get to it but I was able to replace them on the spot as I brought extra balloons. Patrick and Jessi said that I was like a pit crew team member changing a tire, lol.

I forgot to bring the silver 160’s for the silver accent or trim so I had to use 260’s. They didn’t stay in place or look as nice as a result. that bothered me sooo much, lol. I had to find other ways of getting it to stay than my original design.

(To see prototype, just look at my 123rd balloon sculpture post.)

All in all it was a great experience and Patrick and Jessi just loved it and Patrick had people constantly taking pictures of him and he loved that. It was so cool to see people go so crazy over it, lol.

We entered it into the costume contest but didn’t win and TONS of people said we were robbed and that felt so cool. They were passionate about that too, which made it all the more comforting, lol.

Patrick’s awesome sister Hermione passed out my business cards to people and she was so cool and perfectly assertive. She was like the Rainbow Dash to my Fluttershy, lol.

Jessi dressed up as Dr. Who and their daughter Lil had a K-9 costume that Patrick and Jessi made together. Very awesomely done too! Man were they Who-ed up!

So enough talking, here are some pics and a video of Lil running around in it.








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