Make your own Mylar and Agate Balloons! Ooh, shiny!


Okay, so I have posted before about the high cost of Mylar balloons in, Baby Shower Display, post.

Amazon for example sells a silver letter C for $10.12!!!!

Just for one balloon!?!?!! Uno??!!!!!!!!!!!! There cannot be enough exclamation marks here,lol.

Just by whim I decided to search for make your own mylar balloon and I came across these things here.

First a youtube video for how to make your own mylar balloon. This is something that I would like to try out but not right now as I need to find out how expensive it is and take it easier on what hubby has termed, research and development,lol. I need to start making a profit before I can venture out too much on experimentation,lol. I’ll have to see how expensive mylar sheets are.

Here is a video on how to make a mylar balloon via YouGizmos.



Here is a link to the site he suggests going to. A bit pricey, I wonder if I can buy something from Hobby Lobby with which just to experiment. They have educational kits which is intriguing I must say. The price though is out of reach for me right now,lol. It is going in the future oh yes you will be mine file,lol.


They have a written how to instruction as well=


I was very impressed to find Mr Fudge also has a how to video on how to make your own agate balloons. But then I found out it was an April Fool’s joke,lol.



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  1. He does the switch to an agate balloon at 00:50 and then drops the original 2 balloons with his left hand at 00:55

  2. That Mr. Fudge thing can’t be real…. there’s….there’s no way. I don’t believe it. That has to be impossible…. if this is real then I can’t even….no. This is impossible, it has to be a trick.

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