139nth Balloon Sculpture, Princess with Flower Weave Dress


Chitwister has a really pretty and quick princess tutorial with a flower weave dress.

Very fun to make and my daughter flipped for it which was exciting to see as she rarely does now as she is so used to seeing balloons, lol.

I need to add Chitwister to my list of balloon heroes if I haven’t already. Great balloon artist and instructor!

Here is a link to video tutorial=

Below is my replication. I still need to practice drawing faces and I could have made it better but my daughter loved it so I am happy about that.

(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.) šŸ™‚







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  1. Beautiful. I have a series of princesses I make with pallet swaps and different pre-printed faces that turns one design into many. Check out Nolle’s new balloon when you get a chance, you will not even believe it. Seriously. Try to guess right now what it could be and you will never guess.

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