Chattanooga Bridal Affair Expo


I was asked by Stacey, a lady who runs Memorable Events here in Chattanooga, to make some balloon decorations for her booth at the Chattanooga Bridal Affair expo at the Chattanooga Convention Center. Lots of Chattanooga’s in that sentence, huh, lol.

Memorable Events is an events rental service and they have just about everything to rent for any occasion. She has 40 giant inflatables alone! Dude!
Link to the website=

I wouldn’t be paid but then again I also wouldn’t be asked for any help with the 700 dollar booth fee, lol. I about passed out when I found out how much having a booth cost. I had thought it was 100 bucks, lol.

So I make balloons at my expense but get free exposure, totally fine with me, lol. That was win/win, lol

I decided to make a Swans in Love centerpiece with balloon roses in the center to be given out to people. It worked really well and I just refreshed the vase continually. I also made a balloon column and balloon wedding cake. Only people who talked to Stacey got to have a balloon rose. If they listened to her pitch and asked her questions then they got a rose. I thought that that was a great idea.

The swans and column I learned from watching Andre Nolle’s tutorial videos on YouTube. If you look at my Top 13 Favorite Balloon Sculptures page, you can easily find my links to my posts about them.

The cake is a Patricia Balloona creation that was inspired by Addi Somekh from the 4th or 5th episode of his show the Unpoppables.

I had a blast at the expo and Stacey is really cool. I loved seeing people’s heads explode over the balloons. Especially the cake, a lot of people told me it was their favorite thing in the whole expo!

The swans I had to remake quickly as the photography umbrella from the booth next to us popped them, lol. It was my fault, I didn’t see the spikes.
I would have had a heart attack if it was the cake! It was very early on and they moved their umbrella away from our table to take pictures of people with it. Thank goodness! I think I should have made two white swans since there was a black table. The black swan blended too much with the table. I was just used to making a black and white swan couple.

I got up at like 7 a.m. and made 75 balloon roses and then got ready and got to the convention center at noon and didn’t leave until 6 p.m. I made more roses while at the expo.

I was dog tired when I got home otherwise I would have posted last night, lol.

So we will see what happens! I certainly had fun and I live on compliments so yesterday was a great morale refueling, lol.

Here are pics.








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