134th Balloon Sculpture, Felix Yoldi Chef


I don’t know how many of you have been like me, tortured endlessly by the tease that is Felix Yoldi, lol.

I remember when I first came across his Chef, and I remember crying when I realized that he didn’t have a tutorial for it.

He just had a video that was like 1 and a half minutes for pure sadistic fun that seemed to say, hey everyone, look at this awesome thing that I won’t show you how to make, isn’t it cool?

Now granted, he speaks Spanish and I do not, so for all I know he gives a detailed verbal instruction, lol.

I am also being very tongue and cheek and love Felix Yoldi, he is top tier in my balloon hero hierarchy, lol.

After making the Cat in the Hat, emphasis on Hat, I realized how he made the hat, and after looking closely at the balloon sculpture again now that I am more experienced, I realized how he did the apron.

I am conflicted on whether to really go into how to replicate this.

I really want him to do it. I want him to do a tutorial and now that I know about google translate I am going to plead with him to do so, lol. If you go to his website, you can have it translated to english, you will see he even says the tutorial would be like 45 minutes or longer, something to that effect, so he doesn’t want to make one and my response is, Felix, we will watch it! We will watch it if it is 3 hours long! We are obsessed with ballooning and it is our reason for existence, lol.

Now I strayed somewhat from his design in that I made the hat taller, I think my apron is longer, my pan and hotdogs are bigger and I went for more of a forky spatula, though I may pop the bubbles and go for more of a big fork. I also added googly eyes at my husband’s request. My tongue I used a 160 rather than a 260 and my face is just a little different overall.

This is just my first run after all. I will be able to make a more polished version next time.

So here you go, Felix Yoldi’s Taunting Chef, lol.

Link to his video= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhKTbSY67Fs&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Below are pics of my replication and version. My torture has ended, lol.

I delivered him to my friend Lisa where she works which is at Earthfare. My gift to her. Her and other’s head exploded which makes me soooo happy! It validates my existence, lol.



(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.) 🙂


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