133rd Balloon Sculpture, Daffodil.


My mother’s favorite flower is the daffodil and her birthday is coming up so I decided to make one and get it all figured out beforehand.

This is a Patricia Balloona design. I tried searching for one on YouTube but could not find one so that forced me to problem solve.

I used 2 260’s for the cup part of the flower and one or 2 160 balloons for the petals. I want to say one 160.

The cup is made up of 5 sausage twists, 5 pinch twists and 5 bubbles. There is a pinch twist at the bottom of cup for the 6 petals to twist into.
The petals are ever so slightly overlapping each other so that they can fit. Daffodils have 6 petals and I wanted to go for accuracy.

It came out quite nice. I can’t wait to make a bouquet of these and give them to her!

Here are pics of my daffodil for me mom. 🙂

(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.) 🙂







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  1. I love this design, definitely the best daffodil balloon I’ve seen! I remade it, and did it in goldenrod for the cup and yellow for the pedals. Also since I had time on my hands I added a few puff inflated goldenrod scraps to the middle as the stamen. Also to make it just a little more realistic, instead of two loops for the leaves, I used two 160s and made a straight stem, and added two other “stems” coming up next to it. Turned out beautiful, thanks for sharing!

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