132nd Balloon Sculpture, Giant Dog.


Happy Cabbie has a pretty awesome giant balloon dog sculpture. I girlified it as I planned on giving it to a little girl who is one of my daughter’s little friends.

Honestly, this seems to work better ungirlified,lol. Or at least I think if I make another girly one I would go with white or pink instead of the red.

This design mainly uses red 11 or 12 inch link o loons, but I did the whole, make my own link o loons thing that I describe in the post right before this one on the Huge Heart post, number 131. You also use 5 inch rounds and 260’s.

I didn’t do the 5 inch round securing thing that he did, you will understand when you see video, as I didn’t have any red 5 inch rounds. I also just don’t care much for how that looks.

The little girl loved it and just went crazy so that was nice. So did other friends who saw it. I am the only one going, hmm I don’t know if I love it or not,lol. I am thinking less is more with this design and I should have tried taking pics of it de-girlified,lol.

This is fun and very simple to make but don’t say that to anyone,lol. My friends get mad at me when I say things like that,lol.

Happy Cabbie has really good tutorial videos.

Here is the link for his giant dog =http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAU53pX8Kbk

Below is my replication and version. I tried putting white bows on it and a pearl collar,lol.

I am always happy to learn new techniques. This brought to my attention the phenomenon of being more round balloon focused for sculptures. This and the huge heart. My previous ballooning experience has taught me to be 260 focused. Now I am realizing there are world’s and wonders to be discovered with just rounds!

2013-02-06 16.04.23




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