131st Balloon Sculpture, Almost 5 ft. Tall Heart.


Globosilusion instantly stole my heart when I came across his gigantic heart made out of balloons. I tried measuring it but didn’t do the greatest job and came to 57 inches, even if I am off by one inch or two even- this thing is HUGE!

I am starting to see a pattern that 15 is the magic number for the outside lining of heart balloons, megaplex’s woven heart used 15 sausage twists for outline as well. You can see that in previous post.

Let me yet tell you, Globosilusion uses link o loons and those things are like 20 bucks for a 100 at T Meyer’s online. I did not want to pay that, lol. There is a trick that is more time consuming, but if you are parsimonious like me than you will find it more cost effective.

You take a raisin or the end of another balloon where you inflate, you cut that off, put it inside an 11 or 12 inch round and then blow to desired size and tie off. Then find the raisin or what-have-you on the bottom and squeeze and twist and take a scrap and tie it off. There you go, poor man’s link o loon, lol.

I also made sure my balloons were all the same size by taking two heavy bottles of body wash and spreading them apart to desired width of balloon and then used that as a checking tool to make sure the balloons were consistent.

Same for 5 inch rounds.

I also thought it would be cool to try putting a balloon lettered message on the heart and put I LOVE YOU JOHN on it. He’s my hubby of 10 years. 🙂 I think perhaps if I make letters smaller it will work much better- I don’t want the white balls to be covered or intruded upon by letters now that I see it. That’s what experimentation is for! I used glue dots to put the letters on there. I will need to play around with size, spacing and placement. Ooh, maybe if I just put an I right above the O in YOU then it would be like I, huge heart, You John?! Hmmmm. (I did redo it and remove the love and center the eye, pic of result as last picture in this post.)

This design is actually quite fast to assemble once you have all the pieces ready to go. The prep is where the time is taken up.

I just love this thing sooo much!!!!!!

Here is the link to his tutorial, about 10 minutes long. He does a great job instructing, he speaks Spanish but even if you don’t speak it, like me, you can follow the tutorial no problem=

link= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDAQW4gBk5A&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Below are pics of my replication and version.


2013-02-04 15.13.24









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  1. Okay Patricia, it’s time. It’s time for you to bust out a dressmaker’s dummy and make your first balloon dress. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you about the balloon fashion that appears on many runways. I bet you would be amazing at such an endeavour. You seem to be one of those astounding people that is always taking the next step in your creative evolution before your foot has even had a chance to hit the ground from the previous step. I’m straight up challenging you to make a dress Patrica lolololol I really want to see you go for this, because I believe balloon fashion is the highest form of balloon art. That’s just my opinion. Dalek was above my ability, and I’ll admit I’m jealous. I don’t like to see others excel beyond me because it reflects poorly on me, however, I realize that this isn’t about me and you are my pal and I will always support you. Just being brutally honest here. I am jealous of that darn costume. It is something that has upset me for a while now, seeing as we started at the same time, and I have to waste my time constantly making the small stuff because I have to do parties and line work and a lot of my balloon making is me practicing the same designs over and over again with a timer. None of this impedes on my support of you, what it does is let me recognize your talent in a meaningful way. Anyways, I hope to see a balloon dress in the near future. 🙂

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