130th Balloon Sculpture, Huge Spiderman Parody


Okay, Andre Nolle has an insanely awesome Spiderman parody balloon, let’s just say Statue rather than sculpture, lol.

He has a 40 minute instructional tutorial for it on YouTube and is a great instructor. His pacing is excellent for a learning audience and his production quality is really good. He is very graceful too which I just think is so neat to see. He is amazing and I highly recommend checking out his website= http://www.mister-twister.de/

This statue primarily uses 646’s and 11 inch hearts with a few 260’s for finishing touches.

Now I just did not care for his head, personally I think it looks more like Popeye than Spiderman. I found some red 11 inch hearts for like 2 bucks at Hobby Lobby, it came in an 8 pack. I didn’t feel like paying 20 bucks for Qualatex, what 50 or 100 hearts, especially since I didn’t like the head, lol.

I made his head but I also changed it out and used a 12 in round and drew on face with dry erase markers and white out. I turned the pinch twist in the top where head is attached to two pinch twists by twisting it again in the middle. You instantly turn one pinch twist into two that way.

I had never worked with 646’s before and let me tell you what, they are a pain to tie and twist, Lol.

A helpful tip for pinch twists, when making a pinch twist for an end where the rest of the balloon is going to be deflated anyway, just figure out your measurements and deflate first and then make your pinch twist.

I also skipped tying where I could and just did the wrapping around of pinch twists.

Also, be sure to let out a good amount of air after pumping it up. This will smooth out the shape and make it much easier with which to work.

I found this to be challenging but very fun and it introduced techniques I had never done before. I think the way the abs and shoulders are done, really perhaps the whole construction design would translate really well to a 260 or 350 smaller size sculpture.

Be forewarned, the belt is a total pain in the, shut your mouth, to put on!

Here is the link= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9taqihj_Qm4&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Below are pics of my replication, with his style head and with mine. The Dalek making an a cameo is 9 days old and can be found in a previous post.

See, this just is not a proper head at all. Now if you wanted to make a Popeye, it would be great!



My husband’s favorite comic book character of all time. We have watched every series ever made of the cartoons and he owns all the movies and lots of comics,lol. He was very happy to see this in the house,lol.


What did you say about my mama? Oh no he didn’t!

Spiderman vs. Dalek at the UTC Arena! LOL


(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.) πŸ™‚


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  1. It turned out fantastically! Man, working with 646s is NO PICNIC! My Spidey is over 7 feet tall. I didn’t let enough air out of my balloons. I am really happy with this design. I did need to make a few adjustments as far as it staying in position goes. The knees, for example, use 4 pinch twists and the legs are tied together with a clear 260. I had to reinforce his back with a blue 646 as well. I’m going to be bringing these to parties from now on as a gift for the birthday boy. I really want to learn life-size princesses, but getting all the materials together for that is inconvenient, to say the least.

    • Oh man, I know! I do not like working with them either but when something is this cool it is worth it, lol. I am so glad that yours came out well! I am going to try your suggestions next time.

      Don’t forget possible birthday girls, lol. I have a a friend whose daughter absolutely loves Spiderman and I am going to make one for her as a gift for her birthday. lol.

      I gave her the giant dog and she totally flipped for it and she is just going to completely explode when she sees this thing, lol.

      That’s another cool thing about this art is that it makes playdates so much more exciting for your kid’s friends.

      My poor daughter is so over balloons, it is kind of sad. Her friends never get tired of them but she is just like oh that’s nice mom but her head has stopped exploding, lol.

      • Ah, I know what you mean. I don’t want to get all psychological here, but balloon sculpting is reaction based and the success of the design in the eyes of those who are seeing it is inversely proportional to the amount of exposure to this art form the viewer or recipient has had. The reason we get the “Oohs and Ahhs” is because most people have never, and I mean NEVER seen a giant balloon sculpture, or often times even a really creative or detailed medium-sized sculpture. Look at Andre Nolle. The poor guy only has like 900 subscribers!!! He is my personal favorite on youtube, yet he barely has any exposure. We will make our money as long as folks hardly see quality designs such as the ones you and I are learning and/or creating. You see what happens when your daughter sees them all the time, it all becomes a bit “ho-hum”. The old adage holds true. “Too much of a good thing”. This can come to fruition in every aspect of life, sadly. There are life lessons to be learned from balloon twisting, as insane as that may sound. When working parties with screaming kids, and the “there’s always one” adult who wants to give you a hard time while you are trying to do your job pumping out balloons for the kids and teens and adults non-stop for hours at a time, literally one after another at full speed without taking even a 2 minute break, I have found an inner peace and patience and resolve I had never found in myself before. I find a life lesson in your daughter’s slow desensitization towards the magic of balloons. To me, it shows that we as human beings can get sick of anything, no matter how good it is, so sometimes it is good to reserve certain things as a “special treat” in our lives so that we can truly appreciate them. Yeah, this was probably my strangest post ever, but it is how I am feeling as I meditate on my life and how balloon-twisting has pretty much saved it.

      • You are always welcome
        to wax philosophically and reflect on my blog, I love what you have to say! I have had different experiences though, I usually get more of a reaction out of adults than children, lol. Children react but not as excitedly as the adults, lol. I have been analyzing how my talents, as defined by Strength’s Finder come into play and will post later on that.

        I totally get you on the inner peace thing and balloon twisting really can be a meditative like artistic process.

        When I had kids talking all at the same time to me and changing their minds constantly and like you pointed out, the nonstop twisting that goes on where you don’t even take a sip of water for hours, when I could go through all that and still be in a joyous mood, I knew this was for me, Lol.

        I also like the temporariness and the being okay with the temporary that comes with balloon twisting. It brings out the Bhuddist Tibetan monk making sand mandalas in me, lol.

      • Oh, by the way, I am going to be at a grand opening of a big party store and I will have Spidey there as I always make a giant sculpture pre-made as part of my $60 per hour fee. I also have a favor to ask you. I am guessing you won’t want to do it because seeing as how you have not posted for days, something might be up. Just get back to me when you can. It is a sculpt suggestion/request, and is for a specific purpose as well. TTYL.

      • Sure, shoot your request at me. πŸ™‚ Soory I haven’t gotten back to you sooner, I have been distracted with family stuff.

      • Oh yeah, I know that Spidey is a unisex design to be sure. My best seller is my own Spider-man I came up with using printed Spidey faces on 5-inch rounds. Both girls and boys love it, I only meant that I need a “girls only” design because all of my big sculpts so far are either unisex or strictly for boys. BTW, I have been asked to make a giant Muno Yo Gabba Gabba character for upcoming party. I will send you pics of results.

    • I had that same thought exactly and I bet it would make for a cool Batman parody, yellow for the belt and one may draw details on belt as well, would need a cape though.

    • The one about Spiderman not being really that muscular, which you are totally right on that, lol. He is more lean and cut but not in a bulky way. Oh but this body design is sooo cool, lol. It’s how Mary Jane sees Spiderman in her mind, lol.

      Thanks for your support and for your extollations, they are greatly appreciated. πŸ™‚

  2. Dalek is really holding up! Yeah, that head looks really off. I like your cephalic substitution, but it just looks a little small. I think? I don’t know. Seeing both your idea for the head and Nolle’s idea, yours is much better. That’s the thing about Andre, he makes these brilliant designs, yet there is always something a bit off on them. On second thought, no, it doesn’t look too small. Hmm…. what is off here? Okay, I guess there is nothing off on your amazing 6-foot Spidey after all, and I really like your art as his face. I think what bothers me is that Spidey is not supposed to be that muscular. It still looks AMAZING and I appreciate seeing your changes to the different designs you learn before I give them a go. Always a great blog to read. Congrats on your sculpture size record.

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