129nth Balloon Sculpture, Cat in the Hat Parody


Well, I have a friend named Rosemary who is crazy about Dr. Seuss. She even wrote a master’s thesis explaining how Seuss introduced philosophy to children. I plan on reading it sometime.

I love philosophy!
And how can anyone not love Dr. Seuss?!?!?!

I decided to make her a Cat in the Hat parody as she was going to be visiting from out of town. To my chagrin, no one had one on YouTube. I could only find an instructional video for the hat under Fewdoit.

I experimented and came up with this.

I used a white 350 for the belly and a grey 160 for the ears. Everything else is 260’s of course.

I got inspired for the head via the cuter bumblebee, in post just before this one. I realized that the way Chitwister did the bee head would translate very well for the head and neck for the cat.

The drawing of the face took several tries.

I didn’t have my white sausage twists pressed as firmly together as I would have liked but overall I was pleased with the outcome. I might experiment with putting a little nose in the center rather than drawing it on there. My arms could have been more even as well. Oh well, ce la vie, I won’t be in such a rush next time and will make a more polished one.

Rosemary loved it as you can see from pictures below. That’s all that really matters. 🙂

Balloons are like magic, yes truly it’s true. Each twist and turn reveals a you
you never knew

(not actually a Seuss quote, lol.)








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      • LOL I guess… I just tried to make a Geisel-like rhyme as you did. I liked yours better HA HA 🙂

      • You wrote that one, I love yours! Seriously it is in my file of most favorite quotes ever!

        It might sound silly, but quotes have a huge impact on me. Whenever something happens, really bad or really good or really thought provoking, a quote will pop up in my mind that really helps me understand and communicate the situation to others or just keep me grounded in the better perspective that I would like to have. It helps keep me to be more intentional.

        For example, my favorite Martin Luther King quote is, “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

        That helps to keep me in check so that I remember how important it is to stand up for my friends and actively voice my support for them.

        It instantly comes to my mind if I see a friend being put down or being talked about behind their back and it helps spur me into the action that I desire to take.

        A meaningful quote I really write down in my heart.

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