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Make your own Mylar and Agate Balloons! Ooh, shiny!


Okay, so I have posted before about the high cost of Mylar balloons in, Baby Shower Display, post.

Amazon for example sells a silver letter C for $10.12!!!!

Just for one balloon!?!?!! Uno??!!!!!!!!!!!! There cannot be enough exclamation marks here,lol.

Just by whim I decided to search for make your own mylar balloon and I came across these things here.

First a youtube video for how to make your own mylar balloon. This is something that I would like to try out but not right now as I need to find out how expensive it is and take it easier on what hubby has termed, research and development,lol. I need to start making a profit before I can venture out too much on experimentation,lol. I’ll have to see how expensive mylar sheets are.

Here is a video on how to make a mylar balloon via YouGizmos.



Here is a link to the site he suggests going to. A bit pricey, I wonder if I can buy something from Hobby Lobby with which just to experiment. They have educational kits which is intriguing I must say. The price though is out of reach for me right now,lol. It is going in the future oh yes you will be mine file,lol.


They have a written how to instruction as well=


I was very impressed to find Mr Fudge also has a how to video on how to make your own agate balloons. But then I found out it was an April Fool’s joke,lol.


Tutorial Plans


Well, I have requests from several people asking me to make balloon tutorials on YouTube.

I plan on making tutorials but here is the deal.

I have gained weight and am too self conscious to make some right now but I am taking this seriously and have joined a gym and am going there at 6 a.m. during the weekdays.

My friend Jessi is a genius and was the same size as me and started going to a boot camp early while her husband and little girl were asleep. She has lost 30 pounds.

Is that not just brilliant?!

Now I don’t plan on losing 30 pounds by Easter, but I want to feel better and be in some kind of better shape.

It has been so hard for me to work out at home with a small child and I only have a treadmill but could never find good time to get on it. It is in my bedroom too, so I can’t get on it while my husband is asleep. It also is just not working me out like I need when I do get on it. My metabolism has totally changed and I am trying to figure out how to adjust.

I have changed my whole life around recently. I used to be a night owl and didn’t go to bed typically till 2 a.m. or even later but got into the habit of going to bed at 9. Once I got into the habit of doing that, I could then venture to get into the habit of waking up at 5 a.m. to get ready and go to the gym for an hour, which is what I am doing now. So far I am four days into the new gym routine.

Here is my deadline. Come what may I am going make and post tutorials for the week before Easter which is March 31st.

I plan on buying myself a new dress for Easter as well.

I am making changes to my diet too. My metabolism has just changed so much and I just have to adjust my life to accommodate for that.

So there you have it. This is what is going on, on the sidelines of the balloon twisting. I am working not only to better myself as an artist but in all areas of my life.

140th to 142nd Balloon Sculptures, Baby In A Baby Carriage


Well all this wedding stuff lately has made me think of the song: first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage.

I realized that there needed to be a baby in a baby carriage in my repertoire.

I looked on YouTube and could only find a baby tutorial, nothing on the carriage.

I looked online for pics of baby carriages and decided to use this one as a reference.

(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.) 🙂


I liked Balloon Bandits baby tutorial and used it to make the baby, although I altered the diaper part.

Here is a link to his tutorial=

I decided to make my picnic basket for this project and used 350’s and 160’s for the covering.

I learned Andre Nolle’s daisy design and made wheels out of them. I used 260’s as I ran out of 160’s. It didn’t come out quite as nice as a result but this is all about just getting a prototype together.

Link to his tutorial here=

This took a long time to put together.

Oh my gosh did it ever, Lol! I made a blanket out of balloons and put the baby inside. I should have used a brighter color for pacifier but what can you do, Lol. I will change it later but right now I am tired, lol.

Here are the fruits of my labor.















139nth Balloon Sculpture, Princess with Flower Weave Dress


Chitwister has a really pretty and quick princess tutorial with a flower weave dress.

Very fun to make and my daughter flipped for it which was exciting to see as she rarely does now as she is so used to seeing balloons, lol.

I need to add Chitwister to my list of balloon heroes if I haven’t already. Great balloon artist and instructor!

Here is a link to video tutorial=

Below is my replication. I still need to practice drawing faces and I could have made it better but my daughter loved it so I am happy about that.

(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.) 🙂






138th Balloon Sculpture, Baby Rattle


I figured that I needed to start adding some baby shower friendly designs to my repertoire.

I made a balloon baby rattle and modeled it after one that my daughter played with when she was a baby. I made it the same colors and design and everything.

I used two clear 11 inch balloons and put pink beads in them. I then took a 260 balloon and tied it to the clear one and then made bubbles, twisting a little tip of the clear balloon into the 260 at the top and then continued making bubbles until it made a full circle. I did that for each clear balloon.

Then I took two 260’s and tied them together and then made two pinch twists and tied it altogether with one of the clear balloons. Then, I did the braiding thing and ended with two pinch twists to connect the other clear balloon.

Voila, Baby Rattle Balloon!

Here is a video and pics.




(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.) 🙂

137th Balloon Sculpture, Cupcake


When at the Bridal Affair Expo, I had a cupcake vendor ask me if I could make a balloon cupcake. I had to sadly say no but that I would learn how to make one this week.

I came across Chitwister’s cupcake tutorial on YouTube and loved it.

It is pretty simple and fun to make. It just uses 4 balloons of different sizes.

Chitwister has pretty cool tutorial videos, there is no talking but they are really easy to follow. The hands do all the talking.

Here is a link to the tutorial=

Below is my replication. My daughter is pretending to eat it, lol. She gave herself a haircut recently and so her bangs are a bit of a mess, lol. She actually got excited about this balloon, lol. Since she sees them all the time she
doesn’t really react to them anymore, so I really enjoyed seeing her get excited.

(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.) 🙂








Chattanooga Bridal Affair Expo


I was asked by Stacey, a lady who runs Memorable Events here in Chattanooga, to make some balloon decorations for her booth at the Chattanooga Bridal Affair expo at the Chattanooga Convention Center. Lots of Chattanooga’s in that sentence, huh, lol.

Memorable Events is an events rental service and they have just about everything to rent for any occasion. She has 40 giant inflatables alone! Dude!
Link to the website=

I wouldn’t be paid but then again I also wouldn’t be asked for any help with the 700 dollar booth fee, lol. I about passed out when I found out how much having a booth cost. I had thought it was 100 bucks, lol.

So I make balloons at my expense but get free exposure, totally fine with me, lol. That was win/win, lol

I decided to make a Swans in Love centerpiece with balloon roses in the center to be given out to people. It worked really well and I just refreshed the vase continually. I also made a balloon column and balloon wedding cake. Only people who talked to Stacey got to have a balloon rose. If they listened to her pitch and asked her questions then they got a rose. I thought that that was a great idea.

The swans and column I learned from watching Andre Nolle’s tutorial videos on YouTube. If you look at my Top 13 Favorite Balloon Sculptures page, you can easily find my links to my posts about them.

The cake is a Patricia Balloona creation that was inspired by Addi Somekh from the 4th or 5th episode of his show the Unpoppables.

I had a blast at the expo and Stacey is really cool. I loved seeing people’s heads explode over the balloons. Especially the cake, a lot of people told me it was their favorite thing in the whole expo!

The swans I had to remake quickly as the photography umbrella from the booth next to us popped them, lol. It was my fault, I didn’t see the spikes.
I would have had a heart attack if it was the cake! It was very early on and they moved their umbrella away from our table to take pictures of people with it. Thank goodness! I think I should have made two white swans since there was a black table. The black swan blended too much with the table. I was just used to making a black and white swan couple.

I got up at like 7 a.m. and made 75 balloon roses and then got ready and got to the convention center at noon and didn’t leave until 6 p.m. I made more roses while at the expo.

I was dog tired when I got home otherwise I would have posted last night, lol.

So we will see what happens! I certainly had fun and I live on compliments so yesterday was a great morale refueling, lol.

Here are pics.