122nd Balloon Sculpture, Playable Balloon Bass


This is really something. Addi Somekh, not only is he completely amazing as far as balloon twisting ability, he plays and I mean really plays a balloon bass and I believe is in a band, lol. He was on the BBC demonstrating it.


This is a tricky thing to make let me tell ya.

Link to how to make one= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rkgkp1PCQuE

I think I didn’t blow mine up enough but it still seemed to work well.

I have no idea how to play bass so I was just attempting to do a little Another One Bites The Dust by Queen, and the only way I had any idea of even attempting to do that was by watching Addi in his tutorial! Lololololol!

I will need to learn how to seriously play this, lol.

Video of my play testing=


(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.) 🙂


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