Pinkie Pie Time! Balloons are MY Cutie Mark! :)


I am a combination of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy,lol. Can you say ALL FEELING?!

I remember when I took a Meyer’s Briggs test years ago with a group of people and when I saw how many F’s for feeling I had, my scores were F’s all the way, while the facilitator was talking, I just blurted out, “I’m All Feeling?!”  To which the facilitator replied, “We can see that.”

Yes I am a 30 year old who watches My Little Pony cartoons. My husband loves the show too,lol. It is my 4 year old’s favorite show. Seriously though they are awesome, I have friends who play World of Warcraft and people talk about how awesome the show is while on there!   

This is my theme song for life,lol. 

Notice Pinkie Pie’s cutie mark is BALLOONS! How apropos is that?!

Where my Bronies at? LOL 🙂 Can I get a yea yea?


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