The Show of All Shows, Unpoppables!


Okay, if one is a serious lover of the art of balloon sculpting, then one must watch The Unpoppables.

You can watch all six episodes on youtube. The show originally aired on TLC back in 2011. Links will be provided below.

Yes, there are only 6 episodes, the biggest travesty ever to be witnessed by mankind since the cancellation of Firefly.

Let us have a moment of silence for Firefly and for the unborn epsiodes that should have been of the Unpoppables.


The Unpoppables features Addi Somekh, of Balloonhat, Katie Laibstain aka Katie Balloons, and Brian Asman. They make the kinds of balloons I hope to even dream about making one day. This is what balloon sculpting should be, this is the Holy Grail! I want to go to there! This is my goal in life!

A castle, the Eiffel Tower, fire truck with a fireman putting a fire out, and more and all out of balloons! I love that they show how things go wrong and how they pull through and the social dynamic and millieu is very interesting as well. These are people you would love to hang out with as well as admire.

My head exploded while watching every episode! I know yours will too!

Epsiode 1

Episode 2

Epsiode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6



3 responses »

    • Isn’t it the best thing ever?!?! I can’t believe there isn’t more episodes?!?!?!?

      For Shame TLC, FOR SHAME!!!

      • Yeah, they cancel “The Unpoppables” but they show “Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo” 47 times a day. Ay yi yi!

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