Balloon Gig, Picnic in 1967


Well, I was called for a job at Southern Adventist University for a party called Picnic in 1967.

I like to make a display whenever asked for an event and I always give the display to those who hired me as a thank you gift.

I decided to make giant ants with a picnic basket and my genius friend, sage, suggested I have people be like the ants getting into the food and the ants be like people, lol. So I made an ant couple and little people getting into the basket and food.

I tried to give the female a beehive like do and of course she had her pearls on.
Male ant had a bowtie and a mustache, lol.

The little people, I just didn’t know how to translate quite the way I envisioned in my head. The women came out as small princesses like, lol. I forgot to add faces before things started. Had too many pots cooking on the stove, too many dishes spinning. Was thinking of drawing hair on the little men but not sure how that would have come out.

One of the little people couples are stealing a hotdog from the basket and I like how that little people part came out. I did feel good that people understood immediately what the concept was.

I feel like this is good practice. Especially good practice trying to translate story like concepts with balloons and with short windows of time for extra pressure, lol.

I made bumblebees, roses, butterflies and hotdogs as well as misc things that were requested like penguins, dolphins, etc.

I wish I took pictures of when I had even more crappola out on the table, but what can you do? I was hard at work and once my display really was getting perfect, the show was on and it was time to perform.

Everyone loved the display and got the concept right away, everyone wanted the ants and the basket. I was surprised how popular the basket was. The ants I knew but not the basket.

They loved that it was a working basket, with flaps you could really lift up and put stuff inside, lol.

It was a really nice event. I never stopped for one second and grown college kids were squealing and excited about their balloons.

That felt really great. πŸ™‚

I worked several hours beforehand premaking things, besides display, to accommodate a large crowd with more time consuming balloon designs.

It was a gymnasium full of college kids.

I had no idea what all was going on, as I was in my own little world, lol.

It seemed like a blast.

As for me, I am crashing. I feel really low. Yesterday I was feeling on top of the world and now I think I am just exhausted and coming off the emotional high, Launchpad from Ducktales like, where you crash horribly into the ground, lol.

I am just beating myself up inside mercilessly and nitpicking myself to death.

The dark side of perfectionism at work, oh the joy of being a melancholy, lol.

I have no logical reason to feel this way, lol. I have only been making balloons for what, 4 months now, lol. Give me a break, me! Lololololol.

People were oohing and ahhing and I was putting myself down and criticizing myself, quietly in my head, lol.

I pictured John Cleese dressed up in a French Knight costume taunting me about the balloons and threatening to fart in my general direction as they were an affront to his person, lol

Don’t worry, my passion for this art is bigger than my ego and that is really what this is a struggle about, when the ego is hurt, there is a temptation to give up or pop what you have made even though it makes other people happy, lol.

And that is the second thing, your customer comes first, and if they are happy and excited, then job well done.

I seek balance. On the one hand, be guided my critical eye to improve and drive me to be better. On the other hand, be able to rejoice in whatever stage I find myself and keep my ego in check so that I can enjoy the journey.

Below is what little pictures I did get if the event.












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  1. Secondly, I tried to tell ya I was really impressed with that picnic basket. I’ve seen ten thousand designs, so it is rare that I see something that I havn’t seen before. I know when I see something awesome lololol. 3rd, you did a great job on the ant picnic scene. Yeah, the humans weren’t perfect but the humorous scene is instantly conceptually understandable. The beehive you gave the mom ant is freaking hilarious, that to me was the greatest aspect of the entire thing. I want to reiterate that those feelings you had that things weren’t perfect are extremely important, you just can’t let them see you sweat. There is a difference between showing earnest humility and outright bashing yourself. It shows a lack of confidence, which I can assure you is taking it too far because what you are doing is very impressive. You and I are extremely similar in certain ways, so I understood exactly where you are coming from on this issue. I really think this idea is a winner and you should replicate it when the occasion calls for it. Just make little improvements, maybe a little more variety of food and perfect the humans, but honestly the scene looks fantastic. You know I’m honest with you, and honestly I don’t like the bee design you posted, but everyone else did so that’s what’s important! All in all, a great success and you should be proud of what you accomplished. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Sage. I am very much a heart on the sleeve person, lol. My confidence does wain at times but the drive to improve and keep going wins out in the end. My passion for the art is bigger than my ego and this is really about ego and how when it is hurt, we want to give up or destroy what we make, lol. And really, it is about the customer first, if they are happy, then job well done.

      I think also I was just really emotionally crashing. I was so on cloud nine the day before and working so hard that I just dropped all of a sudden out of the sky.

      I tried to make fun of myself but am not sure how well the lololololol translated that, lol. It was meant to have a light hearted tone.

      I never criticized myself to people at the event, just wanted to make sure that was clear.

      I think it is important for people to know the ups and downs and how important it is to keep on trucking through it.

      Sorry if I bashed too much, lol.

      I wanted to share it though as this is all a part of my journey and maturing process.

      • Yeah, I wasn’t quite clear on that, it sounded like you were putting yourself down in front of other people from what I read in the post. Glad to hear you weren’t. Sometimes it’s hard to get everything crystal clear from a blog post. TTYL πŸ™‚

  2. A few things. First off, don’t lose that criticism of yourself! You are just like me, nitpicking every little detail. The trick is to not let other people in on it. I mean, yeah you could say something to the effect of, “It’s not perfect, but this was my first try doing this scene” or something like that, but don’t bash yourself to other people. πŸ™‚ I ALWAYS criticize myself, and I almost said over-criticize but the truth is I really don’t feel that way. It drives me to be better and better at what I am doing. The folks who say “meh, it’s good enough” are the ones who advance at a snail’s pace, or not at all. That driving force of wanting improvement and knowing things can always be better is the antithesis of complacency, but the happy medium is that at the end of the day you feel good about what you did, especially when people not educated about what you are doing cannot spot the little details you may privately obsess over.

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