108th Balloon Sculpture, Picnic Basket


So I didn’t find a direct design for a picnic basket, but I did find a great instructional by flowerclown via YouTube for weaving a wall, basket or flag.


I used the weave design and from one link, one balloon tied together and twisted in middle, divided it up by four, repeated that 5 times to make for height for 2 sides of picnic basket. I did the same only just divided a link by 2 repeated 5 high and connected them to the other sides.

I made a 2 balloon braid for handle and made lift able flaps for top of basket. A middle balloon separates and is centered in basket. Looped with pinch twists, the flaps are woven from the loop’s leftovers. Make a loop around middle pole in basket and make a pinch twist to keep loop in place. Make 3 of these. Then with the rest of the balloon from the pinch twists, weave a flap.

That makes it so you can lift up the flap like a real picnic basket. I need to work with 160’s so that things will look neater and more trim for loops and perhaps flaps.
I have 6 loops, 3 for each side, and each set of 3 facing different directions.

Is this making any sense? I sure hope so, lololololol. Technical explanations are not my forte, lololololol. At least I didn’t say thingie over and over, lololololol.

Anyway. Here is my figured out by myself, with the flag weave technique i learned from flowerclown, picnic basket design.

This design took about 46 to 47 balloons to make.

(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.) 🙂





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  1. This is adorable! Honestly the most impressive design I’ve seen you make thus far. Does your explanation make sense? Nope! Which is exactly why you should be doing tutorials! 🙂 I can’t follow what you did here from your explanation, but I don’t doubt that your explanation makes perfect sense, I have just never worked with these techniques before. You should really start a youtube chan for making tutorials. Also, have you been getting hired for parties or what? Let us know when you do or if you already are. 🙂 -S

    • Okay, technical explanation is not my forte at all, lololololol. Thanks Sage. I will consider making tutorial videos. I have a gig coming up and will post about it after it is done this weekend.

      I didn’t expect this to be as impressive as you have received it be so thank you very much and what a pleasant surprise!

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