106th Balloon Sculpture, Snake


Ah, Felix Yoldi, is there anything awesome that you haven’t made?

He has a really cool and sinister looking snake design that is soooo simple and easy yet sooo full of life.

Felix, of all the balloon artists I have watched, looks like he has the most fun with balloon sculpting. He seems like a sanguine melancholy to me. I am a melancholy sanguine. Of course this is just going by video impressions so who really knows, lol.

I feel like I am visiting a friend who always cheers me up when visiting his video tutorials.


Here is my replica of his snake design. I feel like perhaps I made the eyes just a little too big but other than that am quite pleased.

I call this the fiendish snake BENT on world domination! Lololololol

Yes, be forewarned readers, you may come across PUNishment on my blog. Mwahhahaha!

(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.) 🙂






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  1. Hey there. Just slithered in to see your latest post. I usually stay away from serpentine animal designs, but this black snake is actually pretty cool! I have some colorful puns for this particular balloon, but if I shared them on your blog I’d probably be HISS-tory.

    • Lol. Dana Carvey’s impression of president Bush Senior saying, “He’s slippery”, comes to mind when thinking about snakes,lololololol. Of course complete with the slithering hand motion. Aw yeah, Dana Carvey is awesome, he even makes snakes awesome and totally redeems their existence just for those jokes, lololololol.

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