102nd Balloon Sculpture, Dog in a Purse


Well first of all, a big thank you to Sage for suggesting this design.

Dylan Gelinas, who to me comes across a lot like Topher Grace in That 70’s Show, which is a compliment by the way, has a dog in a purse balloon design.

It is fabulous but to me did need some further girlification. I love the design but prefer to have the floppy ears as that makes it more clear it is a dog rather than cat and so added some and also how can a dog in a purse not have a bow?! Tis blasphemy I tells ya!

I also added a tongue and an extra single sausage twist for the bottom of purse. Other than that I followed faithfully.

I made those alterations as I feel it makes it more dog like and properly girly, lololololol. Bravo to Dylan though!

He is very likable and goes at a great pace for a learning audience. Great lighting and one can follow clearly.

Dylan, I give you two balloons up!
And may I just say that the fact that he kept popping the eyes in the instructional just increased his likability, when a person who is seen as competent makes a mistake and it makes that person more likable as a result, it is known as the Pratfall Effect.


I just wanted to point this out as people making instructional videos might be sensitive and self conscious how it comes across, but really if you are a competent designer and instructor, making mistakes and showing them just increases your likability and makes you more relatable.

Link to Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-t7_Fpdb-U

Here is my version of his design.

(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.) 🙂






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  1. It does frustrate me a bit that I was not clever enough to realize the modifications necessary for this design. Even though I stayed up for 5 hours last night making a balloon hat of about 70 or so balloons, this simple yet extremely effective idea you thought up had not occured to me. (I always felt like there was something missing from this design, ha ha). I really love your modifications, and your version is much more adorable. The only trouble I have is situating the pup’s head on the purse without it falling out of place occasionally once the purse is worn or held by a child. I like to make great balloons, but it is equally important to me for the designs to hold up in regards to their structural integrity. Most of the time it works out fine I guess. If it’s cool, I would like to email you some pictures within the next couple days to show you a bit of the designs I have learned, and a couple of my big hats. I like to use pink hearts for the tongue, but I’m guessing you just didn’t have any around. You managed to make an awesome design better, nice job!

    • Why thank you and yes, I would certainly love to look at what you are working on! A 70 balloon hat sounds most impressive.

      You are right, I do not have any pink hearts. I have white but not pink, and not many at that.

      I am so glad that you like the modifications! 🙂

      • Yeah, I’ll always be honest with you. I mean, I would feel bad about telling you if something didn’t look so hot that you’ve done, but, truly and honestly, you are always “on the ball”. I told you to nix the giraffe and single-balloon dog from your gallery (not your day-by-day blog, of course), but I also understand that they were your first ones so I get why you want them in the gallery. I’ll never give you false confidence, you just happen to be really really good at this, so my compliments are always genuine, and never forced.

      • Thank you. It seriously wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all to be told that something just isn’t working. My B.F.F has told me that she doesn’t like the panda, any of them, which is funny because the more intricate panda is my personal favorite of all time design, lol. She doesn’t like it at all and I love that she doesn’t!

        I love that she can be so honest with me! We kind of celebrate when one doesn’t like something that the other likes, lol.

        Thank you for understanding about the giraffe and I forgot what other pic that I have left up in collage. I actually need to update it badly and add tons of photos, lol. It is a quick way to see the advancement and it tells a story only just with images.

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