100th Balloon Sculpture, Yoshi Parody.


I actually intend on coming back to this design. I wanted to make a first draft at least and couldn’t stand waiting to get 11 inch balloons for his snout.

fakeoutrage has a video of a guy handing a Yoshi balloon parody that I think is the best. I can tell that the guy used 360’s also in his design as well as 160’s but I simply don’t have 360’s right now or the same colors for 160’s.


I looked at balloonsbyscott and used his Yoshi parody as a model as well.
I made my own tweaks and came up with this design below.


I was able to make this pretty fast, even for my first go, and timed at about just under 5 minutes.

For the shell, I made a sausage cluster of 5 red 160’s sausage twists, think Santa torso, then I wrapped a white 260 around it and connected to ends of the red to a white bubble if that makes any sense, lol. I then took some red scrap and connected the red sausage cluster to the neck to keep the shell in place. Two of the red sausage twists will be hidden by the white 260 and that will help to make the shape right.

Below is my first draft, which I will come to and make another draft later. Behold, the fruits of my impatience, lololololol.




(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.) 🙂


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  1. Wooho0, Yoshi kicks butt! You seem to have an affinity for Mario characters, were you ever into any of the games as a kid? I would say that these characters are very nostalgic for me, but honestly they are more popular than ever and was playing the newest Super Mario game on the Wii just a few days ago. I guess I do remember being a little 9 year-old boy, playing Super Mario World and having Yoshi gulping up everything in sight. If I was a child at a birthday party, I would definitely be asking for Yoshi. A new generation of Mario fans has emerged, and considering Mario is the most well-known and popular video game character of all time, these are great designs to have. I have never seen a King Bowser Koopa balloon, and I have a feeling one day I’ll see one from you. That would be truly impressive if you ever figured that out, I would say it would be extremely difficult, because he would have to be big and would require a lot of exact details to get right. I can’t think of a more difficult balloon than that off the top of my head. Great job as always, keep it up!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words! I have thought about the task of making a Bowser and will make one sometime. It needs to be done!

      How can anyone not love Yoshi? Yoshi is like a dog and dogs are awesome and sweet fluffy wonders of nature! He is a cross between a dog and a horse, lol. A loyal sweet companion.

      I am a huge fan of Nintendo, Mario and gaming in general. I used to get kicked out of my little boy friend’s houses because they would have me over to play video games and I would often play better and beat them and of course being a competitive butt-head would taunt them and rub it in their faces, lol. “You just got beaten royally by a girl,”lol. Mario Kart especially made for uproars!

      And of course they would have me back and rinse and repeat, lol. I am very much a gaming geek. My husband and daughter and I play together all the time.

      I even asked for Yoshi slippers for Christmas and received them, lol.

      My husband has a book about the complete history of both Nintendo and video gaming in general. He is a geeklacylopedia, lol. It is very fascinating!

      My daughter is obsessed with Kirby. She has a Kirby plush that is her number one love. If she refers to you as Kirby and then your name, example, if she were to refer to you as Kirby Sage, then you would know that you have been placed on a high pedestal, lol. A badge of honor that would truly be.

      She is 4 and is already playing video games at a 3rd grade level. Lol.

      • How lovely! You, m’lady, are preachin’ to the choir, ha ha! Wow, now that you mention it, Kirby’s Dreamland was the first videogame I ever played. All sorts of memories floodin’ back! Glad we’ve been touched by some of the same special things.

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