87th to 99nth Balloon Sculptures, New Year’s Eve Decor


I felt like I was on a Sesame Street episode when learning how to sculpt letters and numbers appropriate for New Year’s Eve, lololololol.

I learned how to make numbers and letters thanks to Fewdoit which I found out is really a DVD/video series broken down to YouTube format of a balloon artist named Langerman. He reserved no rights and so his videos are now public domain, and how cool and helpful is that for people like me?!

I learned, 1, 2, 3, 0, H, A, P, Y, N, E, W, and R from him.

Not going to list every video here, but here is the letter A boys and girls,lol.


I learned how to make a two tone top hat by Andre Nolle.


I incorporated the numbers into a top hat to make it a 2013 New Year’s Eve special hat. I used glue dots to keep numbers in place. I made a candy cane wand to glue the numbers to and just connected that to the hat by a single balloon. Then I made spirals to put on the top. It turned out pretty dang cool, lol. Red, black and gold are sharp together.

I used tape and invisible string to hang the letters on wall and had I more time I could have done a nicer job and hidden the tape better but I was pressed for time and had a lot to do.

I also created a champagne glass design as there were none that I could find on YouTube. It came out really well. I used gold for the champagne, silver for the glass and pearl white for the bubbles.

So here it is, My New Year’s Eve decor and festive attire!

I replaced the blue Y with a red one, so you will notice two different Y’s in the pictures. My hubby is modeling my hat and glasses, lol.

We had friends over and everything was a big hit which made me so happy!

Happy New Year Everyone!

A friend told me that whatever you do on New Year’s Eve is what you will be doing throughout the New Year, I was ballooning so I know I am going to love 2013!






(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.) 🙂


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  1. Whoopsies, can you give me your email again? Yes, I know I’ve signed on here with several, but I finally chose a permanent email that suits me best. Will send you pics tomorrow…. as soon as I learn how! (I’m bad with technology, haha)

      • There’s a design I think you will really like, but you need to order some 350’s to make it. It is a pair of huge wearable butterfly wings. HUGE. (Can you imagine working a party for little girls that all have big butterfly wings on thanks to you 🙂 ) If you get around to ordering a bag of 350s, let me know and I will give you my password to a pay site I found that has the tutorial. It is a month-to-month, and I only joined for 2 months to eat up whatever tutorials they had in that time frame. Would be glad to share, and you can use it for other tutorials as well, but I would certainly suggest the butterfly wings costume in 350’s. You could probably make it in 260s, and I have, but it looks much more fantastic in 350. It would be free (for you) and no personal info on either side would be exchanged, so you don’t have to worry. It isn’t the best site in the world or anything, but they do have some things I had never seen before. Just let me know! -Sage

      • I do need to get some 360’s badly. No need to share, I will just sign up myself, but thank you for thinking of me and thank you for letting me know about it. There are soooooo many awesome designs out there and so little time, lol.

        It the like the ever elusive Pokemon, an impossible race to collect them all, but oh what a wonderful race!

  2. Whoo boy, you weren’t messing around on this one. I’m lovin’ that big old hat! It’s great you’re doing lettering, and I havn’t gotten around to making champagne glasses or beer mugs myself because I am a 27 year-old who at one point had a very bad alcohol problem, so it isn’t the best thing for me to be making lol 😉 I wanted you to check out a design I really like if you get a chance, it’s sort of 2 designs in one. The video is called “How to make a balloon dog in a purse”. I have to pre-make the doggy heads, and add them after making the purse live for the kids, but it is a unique wearable. The kid’s name is Dylan Gelinas. He’s got some cool designs, like his boxing kangaroo and even a video on how to make a functional arm mounted balloon-shooting balloon crossbow! Wowzers!

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