84th Balloon Sculpture, Clown Fish


Mrbomasballoons has an awesome clown fish tutorial. I loved making it.

He goes at a good pace and does a great job, camera is at a great angle and it is very easy to follow.


Below is my replication. I have a couple of minor tweaks to make but other than that I am very pleased.





(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.) 🙂


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  1. I got your email, thanks for your reply. I enjoyed learning this one as well, and it is on my menu. Yes, I do a menu lol. It is on my foldable stand I made out of a ladder and black laundry basket, all spray painted fun colors. I do many things a bit unconventionally for events and parties, (for speed purposes) but one thing you never blog about is how you practice your designs once you learn them for posting. As a fan of your blog, I would be interested in anything you had to say about how you get each design down for making live for kids. When I practice, I’ve got a stopwatch and have to practice the same designs over and over to do line work. I think it would be cool if you, at some point, wrote about your process, as you’ve left it a bit of a mystery. From what I can tell, you appear to either bring pre-made designs to events or you take your time whilst making them for parties. My process is to make the most elaborate designs I can with a cut-off time of 5 minutes or less for each, which often takes quite a bit of practice to do. If you get a chance, would be interested to hear, thanks. -Sage

    • Sure, I practice and do both premaking as well as on the spot. I believe in being prepared, it is the batman in me and so the size of the crowd and time determines the percentage of premade items I have. I pretty much make on the spot things that I have learned from holly hopper as she has a great combination of fast to make as well as more elaborate as well as Michael Floyd. Penguins, dolphins, motorcycles etc. I can make these things in 3 to 5 minutes depending on how energized i am. The more I do it the faster I get. I need to time myself again. Another thing I might do is premake certain parts like just feet and beaks or eyes so that it can help with time and also help with storage and space and help in the making on the spot amusement and experience. I will make a more in depth post but this is just a quick reply. Thank you for the suggestion.

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