82nd Balloon Sculpture, Catacular Cat


Iancarlo4 has an awesome splendiferous cat design. I tweaked the head mainly how I do the ears and I don’t do the cheeks the same. He will hide a layer of cheek behind the other and I think it looks cuter to just let it be.

I also changed how I do the ears, not very much but different.

He is my replication of his kitty cat design.

Amazaballs!!! Iancarlo4 I really appreciate because he has taught me totally different techniques. The way he does his heads for animals is absolutely wonderful.

Man I really love this design! Thank you iancarlo4, thank you!

His videos are down right now šŸ˜¦

People really light up and the inner child really comes out when they see my cats. These cats are bringing happiness to the world!

(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.) šŸ™‚








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  1. We basically started twisting at (roughly) the same time, so that is one reason I relate so much to what you are doing. I, too, had my first job in October. I don’t expect you to reply to all these comments or anything, I just find what you are doing here really unique, and I’m really hooked by the fact that you are getting SO GOOD, SO FAST! I’ve worked with some women who have been doing this for years that can only do what you were doing in your first month. I felt like a doofus when I realized you had made your scorpion only 2 months in, and I hadn’t even made it until last night, 4 months in. ha ha šŸ™‚ I also have to say that I went through all the designs you’ve learned and it was so cool how you had all the info for where to find the ones I wanted to learn immediately. I have never, in 10 years of being on the internet, read or followed a blog at all, not even once. I just relate to your passion for this…. honestly my life was in shambles and balloon-art ended up saving my life and saved me from losing a roof over my head. Your blog has already helped me become a better balloon-twister with its wealth of information, and your story of your first job was very touching. This will be my last comment to you as I don’t want to scrawl myself all over your site, but I’ll be checking out your new designs every day anyways. Thanks again!

    • You are always welcome to comment! I love your comments and am so excited to see another balloon enthusiast and I especially think it so cool that we have started at around the same time! How amazaballs!

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