80th Balloon Sculpture, My Best Christmas Tree


Well, Fewdoit has a video for a Christmas tree chain and I tried it out but just did not like making it. I wanted the tree to come out longer or bigger without having to add more and more chains. The bubbles in the middle of the trunk are just frustrating for me, Lol. So, I modified the design to be something I enjoy making more.


The way I did it makes a bigger Christmas tree and still with only using 3 chain links.

I just eliminated the bubbles in the middle of each trunk section completely and connected the links by the bottom center instead of center center if that makes any sense, lololololol.

Here is my end result, both decorated and undecorated. Note, I still followed and like the way that Fewdoit did the decorations and the star and replicated them. I think it would look nice to add some 5 inch rounds just blown up enough to look like ornaments and put them on the ends of the branches. I am saving what little rounds I have and only have black and white anyhow.

Next year I will make sure to invest in a multicolor pack and have them for these trees.

This is my favorite Christmas tree design so far.



(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.) 🙂


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