71st Balloon Sculpture, The Menorah.


Fewdoit has a wonderful video for how to make a menorah. You want to know what’s funny, kids absolutely love menorahs! I think they especially love candles.

Fewdoit sounds like he has a Russian accent. I love how international ballooning is and one of my talents is connectedness so I love love love diversity and naturally see how we are all connected. I do not understand how people can hate other people just because they are different.

Here Is a link to his video.

I digress, let me just say again, ballooning wonderfully translates to any culture and place. Something about these colorful strands of latex just brings joy and brings out the inner child in all of us. I love that connection, there it is again, that you feel when you see someone go wow and see that person’s inner child come out and they feel bonded with you for making that happen. It makes you feel like you are doing something magical and good for people. I feel so rewarded.

Anyway, long story short, too late, here is my replication of Fewdoit’s menorah.
P.S. I found out I am Jewish a year ago because of genealogists in the family and a blood test. My grandmother on my mother’s side turned out to be Jewish which makes me Jewish. You have to have it be on your mother’s side. This explains why I always felt so comfortable around Jewish people, I always felt so at home. I asked my 100 percent Jewish B.F.F. Lisa if I counted and she said, if Hitler would have killed you, you count, lol. So making this menorah was extra special to me, felt like I was getting back to my roots.

Below is Menorah, lol.



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