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My First Market Experience Dec 2012


So I found out about this thing called Holiday Market Too from the Chattanooga Convention Center website and jumped on board to be a vendor.

I had an unbelievably great time!

Crowd turnout was disappointing but people really loved my balloons and I had the best vending neighborhood ever!

I made wonderful new friends and just loved the milieu!

I got my first banner from Vistaprint, I got a great deal of half off, I think I paid 20 dollars for it. I also had some picture books i made through Walgreens so people could see what I am capable of and help show my range. People really love looking through my books and I love hearing what people like best and what suggestions or requests they come up with as a result.

I got to set up my bright sun shiny tent and be my silly self. People really enjoyed seeing things they had never seen before and I love how the balloons made people instantly happy and perk up and hearing oohs and ahhs, man there is not a more mellifluous sound in the world than that!

Here are pictures from the event. I was a vendor for three weekends, Sat and Sun for first two weekends and Fri, Sat and Sun the last weekend. I had a huge vending fee and after paying for babysitting and ballooning expenses and because of low turn out made only like 97 dollars after all was said and done. That will go towards replenishing my balloon stock so I really broke even.

I sold well considering the people traffic and people took my business cards so we will see what happens!

I had never been to the Chattanooga Market before, they rented the space from the Convention Center and hosted the event. It was the Market’s first year at that location. I know now to be more inquisitive about such matters. How many years have you been doing this, if they can’t give you a strong idea of how many people come to the event that is a bad sign, and how long has it been at this location as they could have switched locations.

I found out that The Holiday Market Too was a special Christmas oriented market that had started last year but found out that this was their first year at a new location. When I asked how many people come to this I did not have a strong response and it was very vague. I had the option of paying for being there for seven days or as few as one and from now on I think it wiser to go for one day at something I have never done before to check it out and see if it is worth my time.

I still had a blast and it was a great learning opportunity on so many accounts.

I was really impressed with the vendors that participated and know now where to buy cool stuff locally that won’t break my wallet!

Below are pictures from the event.












86th Balloon Sculpture, Toad Parody


Well, my daughter is a huge Mario Bros. fan and she especially loves Toad. So on YouTube tibeton975 has a great Toad parody tutorial. He is French and so speaks it the whole way through and I was soooo tickled to hear him!

Pretty good instructor, cute design, easy to follow and fun to make.

(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.) 🙂

Here is my replication.

(I intend on making a Yoshi parody soon but want to buy some green 11 inch balloons before I do as from what I have seen that makes the nicest looking snout.)

I need to work on painting the face and vest but overall am pleased with the first go of it.


85th Balloon Sculpture, Snow Globe!


Okay, so this really was an earlier learned design but I put off sharing it as I had to debate about it. Am I to have no tricks up my sleeve and no mysteries, am I to share all that I am learning and doing? Well I think yes, yes I should because it might help others as it has helped me and where is the spirit of pay it forward?

So, forgive me for the hoarding temptation and for the tardiness of this. Michale Floyd has a blog and also what looks to be an online store for tutorials. He has really moved up and I am very proud of him. I remember watching some of his earliest tutorial videos on youtube where he was just recording in his bedroom,lol. His production quality grew and now he has a store and really nice blog! You go Michael Floyd! I am cheering you on and appreciate all that you have done!

I saw this on his site and did pay for it. It made for the milestone of the first time I ever paid for a tutorial,lol.

It is a freaking snowglobe with a balloon inside another balloon?!?!

Now I went a little bit of an extra messy mile and experimented with adding snow and different resources for snow as well. I also went for slightly different balloons for the globe. The tutorial suggests you use clear with polka dots and I went for clear or snowflakes.

T. Meyers which I just found the past couple weeks ago has better deals on balloons and the shipping comes to me so fast just on regular that I don’t have to express ship to me. I get my stuff in two to three days- I was paying extra for that with Balloon Supply and T. Meyers has cheaper prices to boot!

I went with just your basic 12 inch clear balloons and also some snowflake designed balloons from T. Meyers. The Snowflake designed balloons broke easier but are cooler and the regular qualatex clear balloons worked great. Here is a link to the snowflake balloons. The clear balloons I got can also be found there.

(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.) 🙂

I experimented with drawing and not drawing snowflakes on the clear balloons and I also experimented with tiny pom poms, paper, fake snow and tissue paper. I just used the fake snow once and just for myself as I read the contents were toxic for kids to eat and thought that not a good idea to have around. The pom poms are neat but are 1.00 per pack for a small pack and just are not economical. The tissue paper with glitter I found to be the best for what I want and cost-effective. Just shred it up as much as you can and stuff it in after you have gotten the balloon sculpture inside,lol.

I personally like the snowman design best from the tutorial and made a small penguin for the inside that I adapted from Holly Hopper, just made it smaller and less back and no tail. I found that if you make a penguin don’t do loops for the cheeks but bubbles twisted together as for some reason that makes it easier to make smaller and is also sturdier.

Be warned this is a pain in the butt to make but is sooooooo worth it!

Now note- I did eventually get 160 balloons for the snowmen hands and scarves that look way better- these were just my first runs and I didn’t have 160’s at the time. I have some videos of what it is like playing with the globes that really show the coolness even more but am having trouble loading it here- will post on youtube and then post link here. Also, in the video they suggest using 160’s for base as well as candy cane wand part- but I find a five loop base with a 260 is fine and the bigger candy cane wands make it look just more even north pole and cool to me. They suggest 160’s for both. I also found that some people want to put these on their desk or on a surface and so a big base without candy cane wand part works really well. I don’t have any pictures of the snowflake balloons I had, just video which will be coming soon.

For 5.00 the secret to instant head exploding fun can be yours via this site=

My daughter playing with one of the prototypes=

My husband playing with the pom pom snow version and snowflake balloon design=

2012-12-05 18.52.39

2012-12-29 10.42.34

2012-12-13 16.33.01

84th Balloon Sculpture, Clown Fish


Mrbomasballoons has an awesome clown fish tutorial. I loved making it.

He goes at a good pace and does a great job, camera is at a great angle and it is very easy to follow.

Below is my replication. I have a couple of minor tweaks to make but other than that I am very pleased.





(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.) 🙂

Christmas Exploded At My House


I wanted to do something special for Christmas for the family coming over and so made a tree, helicopter, snowman, wreath, candy canes, snowflake, garland, Santa, train and reindeer.

Does it look like Christmas exploded at my house or what?!

Now that Christmas is over I can get back to learning new designs almost everyday.

Below is my balloon Christmas wonderland. 🙂

(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.) 🙂






83rd Balloon Sculpture, Goofy Parody.


Bauldytheclown has an awesome goofy parody tutorial. He is a really cool guy, at least from what translates from the screen.

I did not have any geo balloons so I just figured out something different for the hat.

Surprisingly simple yet very effective design.

(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.) 🙂

I have some proportion tweaks to make but other than that I am happy with my first go at a replication.

2012-12-22 06.24.51

82nd Balloon Sculpture, Catacular Cat


Iancarlo4 has an awesome splendiferous cat design. I tweaked the head mainly how I do the ears and I don’t do the cheeks the same. He will hide a layer of cheek behind the other and I think it looks cuter to just let it be.

I also changed how I do the ears, not very much but different.

He is my replication of his kitty cat design.

Amazaballs!!! Iancarlo4 I really appreciate because he has taught me totally different techniques. The way he does his heads for animals is absolutely wonderful.

Man I really love this design! Thank you iancarlo4, thank you!

His videos are down right now 😦

People really light up and the inner child really comes out when they see my cats. These cats are bringing happiness to the world!

(FYI, if you have any advice or feedback whatsoever- feel free to share in a comment below.) 🙂