67th Balloon Sculpture, Birthday Cake


Happy Cabbie has an awesome birthday cake instructional video. I loved making this. I used about 17 balloons, if you count even candle and flame.

Here is a link to his video.

Here is my replication below.





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  1. I love these “birthday cake” hats, but there is a way to make this amazing design even cooler. (If you can believe it, ha ha.) Check out partydotsonline.com They are these special little lights that can be used to light up balloons! Now, they are about $1.50 each, however if you used just one for the flame of the candle on this cake hat (if you were doing this pre-made for a birthday kid) it would be very special for the kid, I’m sure. They are expensive but it can be something amazing and likely something no one has ever seen before. You can buy ten lights at a time, and even if you only use one for each party for the flame of the candle it would still be super-special and still cost-effective. -Sage

    • Omg, can you imagine Rudolph with a nose that lights and light up swords?!?!?! Candles are just the beginning! Thank you for the info!!!!!! I will try this out and make a post about it when I do.

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