57th Balloon Sculpture, Mario Parody


Well, rouwster1 has a really good Mario parody design. I made all kinds of approaches to making a Mario parody. I looked at iancarlo4’s work and tried to replicate it but it just doesn’t work as nice since I am guessing he used 360 balloons for the body. Since 360’s are much larger and thicker, draping a 260 over it works much better and looks nicer than just making more sausage twists and trying to drape other 260’s over them. I had to make 8 sausage twists for body with 260’s rather than 4 sausage twists with 360’s. It makes a big difference as far as draping.

260 and 360 are balloon size terms. The bigger the number, the thicker or wider the balloon.

I ended up liking rouwster’s body design the best with some tweaks of added detail.

I tried making my own Mario design inspired by iancarlo4 but just don’ like it as much as rouwster’s. Sometimes simpler is better.

Link to rouwster1’s instructional video= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVMu7XjapCg

link to iancarlo4’s display video= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKjpiYjPOE8

Here are my iterations of the Mario Parody.






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