55th Balloon Sculpture, Stork


I received a call from a lady requesting a balloon centerpiece for a baby shower. I instantly thought stork! Now I had tried to replicate Andre Nolle’s stork design before but failed and gave up. Now that I had this request though, I was determined to make it!

And I did! Sometimes it is a good idea to come back to a challenging design later. Sometimes instructional videos just click and you can follow better at different times.

I noticed details I missed before the second go around that made all the difference construction wise.

Andre Nolle is amazing. He makes me want to learn German just so I can call him up and talk balloon talk with him and shamelessly extol his work and instructional videos, lol.

Link to Andre’s instructional video= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYz8g1tCJCE

Here is my replication of his stork making a baby delivery design. I added a bow to the basket.





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    • Yeah the stork is simply stunning, and there is nothing off about it, lol. I am not sure what I like the most yet, though I realize I enjoy making displays the most as far as projects or jobs, not that i have been hired for that yet specifically, lol. I just bring a display on my own initiative, lol. Basically I aspire to do what Addi does on the Unpoppables.

      I also wonder what my specialty will become, I wonder if it will be costumes. I really got a thrill making and figuring out the Dalek costume.

      I like doing big big things basically. I want to get to the point where I can make a castle!

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