49nth Balloon Sculpture, The Snowman


Michael Floyd a.k.a. Balloon Animals has a great snowman design. I tweaked it a little tiny bit but really stayed true to his design. I added a scarf for example as well as face. I also made extra sausage twists to make the bottom look fuller and rounder, and actually I think I would add even more sausage twists to all layers for an even rounder look. It is really cute and fun to make. He is a really good instructor and a very likable person too. He seems like someone my husband and I would play D and D with and have over at our house to watch sci-fi. I sense the geek is strong with him,lol.

Here is a link to his tutorial video= http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX7Tgca2ss8

Below is my replication.


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